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Get Rich Slowly

  • newHow I paid less in property taxes
    This article is by staff writer April Dykman. Today I present the second and final installment of my property tax saga — the informal hearing. (You can check out the first post here.) To briefly recap, I’m a new homeowner and my assessed propert…
    - 17 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 5:00am -
  • Working from home … with distractions
    This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. Although I have liked almost every job I’ve ever had, I decided early on in my professional career that the most important thing to me was schedule flexibility. And so, I gravitated toward jobs that were…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 5:00am -
  • Reader Story: Update on a dad in need of retirement help
    This guest post is by reader Mike in New Hampshire. Mike wrote an Ask the Readers article last year, looking for ideas to help his dad get set for retirement. He wrote to us recently and asked if he could update their story. We were only too glad to…
    - 3 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 5:00am -
  • Ask the Readers: Do singles need to plan differently for retirement?
    This article is by editor Ellen Cannon. I’ve been single since I was divorced in my 30s, and I’ve been planning my retirement on the assumption that I will be single till the end of my days. I’m feeling comfortable financially with where I am i…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 5:00am -
  • Car payments: ‘Til death do us part
    This article is by staff writer Holly Johnson. Your car breaks down on the side of the road … again. It’s rush hour and it won’t start. You have to have it towed and you’re not happy about it. At all. So what do you do? You head to the local…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 5:00am -

The Simple Dollar

  • newThe Emotional Cycle of Change
    As many of you know, I had a bit of a financial epiphany in April 2006. I came home from work one day, picked up the mail, and sat down to pay our bills, only to realize that we didn’t have enough in our checking account to pay all of those bills.…
    - 14 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • Questions About Clotheslines, Old Credit Cards, Pens, and $2 Bills
    What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Buying a house for mom 2. Is Roth IRA enough? 3. Serenity prayer 4. Ice ma…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • Eight Strategies for Preparing Your Kids Early for an Inexpensive College Education (or Other Options)
    It’s a worry that pops into the mind of most parents not too long after their child is born. College. How on earth are we going to pay for a great education for our child? Prices at top-tier schools like MIT have seen annual tuition jump to over $5…
    - 4 days ago, 12 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • Personal Finance Data and Meaningful Decisions
    A few months ago, I read a great article by Bill Barnwell of entitled Bridging the Analytics Gap. First, some background. Over the past fifteen years or so, there’s been a huge shift in how sports are analyzed. The amount of data coll…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • The Six Pillars of a Strong Personal Finance Foundation
    Just last week, I shared my list of fifteen essential personal finance and career books (if you haven’t checked out that list, I highly recommend it). Each of those books has proven to be an inspiration to me in one way or another, but one book sta…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 8:00am -

Consumerism Commentary

  • Wealthy Shanghai Teens Are More Financially Savvy Than Average Americans
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently conducted a study, presenting a financial literacy test to fifteen-year-olds around the world, and has now published the group’s findings. The sample included 29,000 teens f…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 1:04pm -
  • If All Investments Are Expensive, Where Can You Invest?
    Neil Irwin at the New York Times points out that all asset classes around the world are expensive compared to their historical prices. If that’s the case, is there any investment class available that has the potential to provide great returns over…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 9:30am -
  • If You Don’t Like Your Job, Get Another One
    This "duh" advice is handed out frequently, but it may not be applicable to everyone who hears it.If You Don’t Like Your Job, Get Another One is a post from Consumerism Commentary. New to Consumerism Commentary? Start here.
    - 7 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 10:18am -
  • Grow Your Dough Throwdown: Second Quarter Results
    Here's my latest Grow Your Dough Throwodwn update as well as some information about the companies I'm investing in.Grow Your Dough Throwdown: Second Quarter Results is a post from Consumerism Commentary. New to Consumerism Commentary? Start here.
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 12:15pm -
  • What Is the Best Savings Rate?
    People like rules of thumb and quick answers. When a complicated question can be answered by an authority with a simple response, the reaction is likely to be one of two possibilities: a feeling of well-being and satisfaction if the questioner is mee…
    - 13 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 3:16pm -

Free Money Finance

  • Is Rental Real Estate Really Passive Income?
    Fox Business has an interesting post on passive income in general and rental real estate as passive income in specific. After having been a rental real estate investor for two years now, I definitely have some thoughts on this issue....
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 3:29am -
  • Net Worth Gains through the Years
    I love, love, love Quicken and have been using it for years -- almost two decades now. One thing I like so much about it is that it allows me to track my net worth and see my progress over...
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:29am -
  • Buy Term and Invest the Difference
    I've written a couple times about buying term life insurance and investing the difference. For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase "buy term and invest the difference," it simply suggests that you do not buy permanent life insurance and...
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 3:29am -
  • An Example of How to Save a Bundle on a New Car
    I've previously detailed my process for saving a fortune on a new car (and for those of you wondering, here's why I buy new cars). I've used this system to purchase three cars (four now) in the past 10 years,...
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 3:29am -
  • Almost Infinite Investment Return
    I was browsing through my Amazon affiliate sales the other day and noticed that I had sold copies of two great books: The Millionaire Next Door and The Richest Man in Babylon. I got to thinking about these books, what...
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 3:29am -

Wise Bread

  • newThe One Word You Need to Get Rid of for a Better Life
    Do you want to start living a better life today? I mean, right this very moment?Then stop saying "should." That's it.Don't just stop saying it out loud, but stop repeating it in your thought…
    - 7 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 3:00pm -
  • newBest Money Tips: The Insurance Edition
    Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on insurance.Top 5 Articles7 Insurance Policies You Can Live Without — Chances…
    - 9 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 1:00pm -
  • newThis Is How You Grill Pizza at Home
    Now that summer is in full swing, you might be getting bored of standard hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Spice up your next party by trying something new and different — grilled pizza!…
    - 11 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 11:00am -
  • newAsk the Readers: How Do You Save on Summer Travel?
    It's the height of summer! Many people take advantage of the school break (not to mention the Independence Day holiday) to do some traveling before the academic year begins again. It's also a…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 9:00am -
  • new6 Personal Finance Books You Should Read
    Trawl Amazon or the shelves of any bookstore and you will find a myriad of options when it comes to personal finance. It can be difficult to distinguish between them. Here's a list of six top-…
    - 15 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 7:00am -

Planting Money Seeds

  • newHow To Develop A Daily Writing Habit
    Writing is one of the most admired and respected artistic mediums. It’s difficult and underappreciated, but when done well, is certainly beautiful. Writing is generally expected in our daily life – be it for school, work or personal needs. Some p…
    - 15 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 6:07am -
  • Practice What You Read – Financially Speaking
    When it comes to personal finance, most people don’t know the basics. Even when a child has financially savvy parents, some parents do not always pass their good money lessons onto their children. And while school subjects like basic mathematics, s…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 1:29pm -
  • Ease Home Business Cash Flow with Fund Box
    If you’re having home business cash flow issues, a partnership between FreshBooks and Fundbox allows you to get money for unpaid invoices now. As a freelancer and home business owner, cash flow is the bane of my existence. I love what I do, and I l…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 6:25am -
  • Tech Tools for Your Home Business
    I love technology. It’s a big part of why I have a successful home business. One of the biggest difficulties faced by many business owners is the fact that sometimes you just have to be present to conduct business. While this will always be true to…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 7:50am -
  • Grow Your Dough Investing Challenge: Dividends Allow Me to Buy Another Share
    Thanks to dividends paid in May and June, my investing challenge portfolio has an extra share. June is over, and that means it’s time for another update for my investing challenge portfolio. If you’ve been following the challenge, you know that m…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 6:38am -


  • Best Banks with the Highest Interest Rate for Savings Account
    Are you earning the most from your savings and money market deposit accounts? Deposit accounts are the pillars of a strong financial foundation, providing you with financial stability as you work to achieve your financial goals. […]Read Another A…
    - 41 days ago, 5 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • 5% Cash Back Credit Cards, June 2014 Promotion Calendar
    The following is the 2014 calendar of 5% cashback bonus promotions for some of the credit cards and debit cards that are currently offering a 5% promotion. These cards include Citi Dividend, Discover Card, Chase Freedom, […]Read Another Article:…
    - 45 days ago, 1 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • Top 10 Tax Deductions for Rental Property Owners
    When you own rental property you are essentially running a small business. Here are 10 primary tax deductions for rental property owners that you can use to reduce your rental income for income tax purposes. 1. […]Read Another Article:How to Bui…
    - 2 Feb 14, 6:00am -
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments Due Dates for 2013-2014
    For all the freelancers, small business owners and self-employed individuals out there, staying on top of when the estimated tax payments are due is important to help you stay within the IRS tax payment guideline and […]Read Another Article:Do Y…
    - 2 Jan 14, 7:30pm -
  • How Big Should an Emergency Fund Be?
    No matter how much solid financial planning we put in, life cannot be reduced down to complete predictability. Indeed, there are always unexpected expenses, large and small, that can crop up. And, you never know when […]Read Another Article:Star…
    - 17 Dec 13, 6:00am -


Five Cent Nickel

  • The Cost of More
    We have become a nation of “more is better.” We want more of everything — more toys for our kids, more cars in the driveway, more shoes in the closet, and more bathrooms in the house. Our houses, garages, dumpsters and lives are filled with St…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 2:00am -
  • 5 Creative Backyard Summer Activities for Kids
    This post comes from Rachel Beger at our partner site Zing! School’s just about out for the summer, and that can only mean one thing: “Mom, I’m bored!” Ideas run out fast, especially when you’re not looking to leave the house every day, an…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 2:00am -
  • What to do When the Stock Market Crashes
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average index hit 17,000 in the last week — a new record — and the S&P 500 Index followed suit. As is usual any time a stock market record is reached, the boo-birds make their appearance. “This is it!” they cry. “Th…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 2:00am -
  • How We Use Our Time
    I’m a financial analyst, not a philosopher, and yet in my writings about money I often touch on the subject of time. Generally, this is because the two are somewhat interchangeable with one another — some people sacrifice their free time to plun…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 12:09pm -
  • Tips for First-Time Campers
    This post comes from Lilly Keyes at our partner site Zing! Since June is National Camping Month, I’m sure you’re desperate to get out there and start roasting marshmallows. If you’ve never been camping before, there are some things you should…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 2:00am -


  • newTwitter Chat: Wedding Budget 101
    Are you recently engaged and stressed about all of your upcoming wedding expenses? Are you in multiple bridal parties this summer/fall? Are you a newlywed who has questions about managing your finances as a married couple? We’re partnering up with…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 9:00am -
  • A Visual Guide to the American BBQ
    There’s nothing like the combination of outdoor cooking and perfect weather to make any summer complete. From America’s favorite BBQ foods to the world’s largest BBQ competition, the following infographic explores BBQs across America, and will…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 10:17am -
  • Pay off student loans or invest more?
    Are you paying off student loans? If so, you’ve probably heard some version of this advice: “The sooner you start investing, the more time your portfolio has to grow through the magic of compound interest. But if you wait to get started until you…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 2:30pm -
  • American Family Budget: The Vacation Plan
    My kids got out of school last week, and they are thrilled to now be on summer vacation. But that doesn’t mean I get a break. In fact, it means my job is harder. Along with the regular things I do every day, now I also need to herd my seven- and ni…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 12:00pm -
  • Wishing you a Minty 4th of July
    It’s that time of year again – time to fly the star spangled banner high, give thanks for our freedom, and let the fireworks sparkle. We know you have been working hard to reach those financial goals – from paying off student loans to saving fo…
    - 11 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 10:00am -


  • Income Property vs. Residential Property
    Too often, we hear about the “investment” that it is to buy a home. Try to find a home with the help of a real estate agent, and you will immediately be told that your home purchase is an investment. However, residential real estate, bought with…
    - 4 Mar 14, 4:00am -
  • What are the Best Careers for the Future?
    What careers are likely to provide you with a little job stability, as well as decent pay? If you are looking to the future, you want a job that you know will be around. The good news is that there are a number of best careers for the future for you…
    - 27 Feb 14, 4:00am -
  • Watch Out for the Income Effect
    Most of us like the idea of earning more money. Have a greater income is often, in the eyes of many, the solution to most problems. However, if you aren’t careful, that increased revenue can result in the income effect, which could prevent you from…
    - 18 Feb 14, 4:00am -
  • Different Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
    There are many ways to plan a wedding on a budget. I made a post recently about that, but what if you are looking for even more ways to save money with your wedding? We are now deep into our wedding planning, with just a couple months to go. Our budg…
    - 11 Feb 14, 4:00am -
  • Do You Know What Tax Bracket You’re In?
    One of the sureties of life is that you need to pay taxes. One of the questions that many people ask is what tax bracket they are in. Do you know what tax bracket you’re in? And are you aware of how the tax bracket system works? Here is a quick ove…
    - 28 Jan 14, 4:00am -

The Consumerist

  • newSears Ships Tiny Wrench To Store In Giant Box
    You would think that when ordering an item online for in-store pickup, a retailer would package the item in an efficient way, perhaps putting it in a box with other tools being shipped to the store. No. Not at Victor’s local Sears.Instead, Sears…
    - 5 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 4:13pm -
  • newRestaurant Menus Remove Dollar Signs So You’ll Spend More $
    When you read a restaurant menu, you might not notice that there are no dollar signs. Why is that? Removing currency symbols severs the connection between restaurant purchases and real money in your mind, and makes you spend more. No, really.This is…
    - 6 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 3:23pm -
  • newSenators Introducing Bill Making It A Crime For Companies (Like GM) To Cover Up Dangerous Defects
    GM has spent the year in trouble: their massive recall has come with a slew of investigations, fines, congressional hearings, and lawsuits. But the company has been able to claim incompetence and avoid other potential penalties. Now, two U.S. senator…
    - 7 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 2:35pm -
  • newFormer Deputy Charged In Shoplifting Incidents That Got Target Worker Fired
    Yesterday we told you about the Target worker in Virginia who was fired after he reported an alleged shoplifter believed to be a law enforcement officer. Today comes the news that a former sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and charged, while the T…
    - 7 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 2:30pm -
  • newMattress Store Tries Novel Approach: Leaving Customers Alone
    Mattress shopping can be a stressful, high-pressure experience, with difficulty in comparing different models. One store in the Midwest wants to solve that problem by eliminating sales staff from the process. Entirely. No, they aren’t going to sell…
    - 7 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 2:24pm -

Man Vs. Debt

  • Re-Evaluating Your Financial Priorities
    Note: This is a post from Joan Otto, Man Vs. Debt community manager. Read more about Joan. Since I shared my report from the three-year mark of my battle against debt, I’ve been amazed at the kind words from so many members of the Man Vs. Debt co…
    - 79 days ago, 28 Apr 14, 6:00am -
  • The Report from the Three-Year Mark: Joan’s Mid-April Financial Update
    Note: This is a post from Joan Otto, Man Vs. Debt community manager. Read more about Joan. It’s official: I’ve been tracking my debt for exactly three years. While I didn’t post my first financial update on Man Vs. Debt until a year later, I…
    - 93 days ago, 14 Apr 14, 6:00am -
  • Business and Hustling Lessons from the WWE Network
    Note: This is a post from Joan Otto, Man Vs. Debt community manager. Read more about Joan. You guys are going to think I spend my Sunday afternoons watching America’s best not-exactly-a-sport sports, between today’s post and the one from last m…
    - 100 days ago, 7 Apr 14, 6:00am -
  • You Want It. You Buy It. You Forget It.
    Note: This is a post from Joan Otto, Man Vs. Debt community manager. Read more about Joan. Two summers ago, while visiting an art museum in Washington, D.C., we came upon an exhibit in the process of being installed. Huge letters and swaths of red,…
    - 31 Mar 14, 6:00am -
  • Julian’s Success Story: How Going $42,000 in Debt was the Greatest Decision I’ve Ever Made
    Julian Hayes II is a fitness and lifestyle coach and writer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He is the creator of 206 Fitness. Why 206? Not only is 206 one of his nicknames, but there are also 206 bones in the body. He believes anyone can achieve t…
    - 24 Mar 14, 6:00am -

Frugal Dad

  • Report Predicts STEMM Jobs Growth Will Outpace STEMM Graduates
    The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology estimates there will be 1 million fewer graduates in the fields… READ MOREThe post Report Predicts STEMM Jobs Growth Will Outpace STEMM Graduates appeared first on Affordable Schools O…
    - 50 days ago, 27 May 14, 3:00am -
  • Enrollment Shortfalls Breed Competition For College Students
    Many private colleges depend on tuition for their annual budgets. As summer rolls in, colleges that are not on target… READ MOREThe post Enrollment Shortfalls Breed Competition For College Students appeared first on Affordable Schools Online.
    - 57 days ago, 20 May 14, 3:00am -
  • You Don’t Always Have to Accept the First Financial Aid Award You’re Offered
    If you are like nearly half of all college students today, you count on financial aid to attend college. In… READ MOREThe post You Don’t Always Have to Accept the First Financial Aid Award You’re Offered appeared first on Affordable Schools Onl…
    - 86 days ago, 21 Apr 14, 3:00am -
  • Student Loans: Think Before You Borrow
    On average, a college graduate earns just over $47,000 per year. On the other hand, individuals who possess only a high… READ MOREThe post Student Loans: Think Before You Borrow appeared first on Affordable Schools Online.
    - 89 days ago, 18 Apr 14, 3:00am -
  • These Libraries Elevate the Studying Experience
    Often times, the library on campus is a dark, windowless building filled with rows of dusty, little-touched books. Quiet, institutional,… READ MOREThe post These Libraries Elevate the Studying Experience appeared first on Affordable Schools Online.
    - 91 days ago, 16 Apr 14, 3:00am -


  • newThe Brutal Truth: Your House Probably Isn’t a Good Investment
    When my husband and I were looking for homes seven years ago, the real estate agent told us over and over again that we were making an “investment.” Even at the time, I was skeptical of these claims. I couldn’t see how, when we’d be paying $5…
    - 16 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • 4 Summertime Tax Moves That Will Make Next Year’s Filing a Breeze
    The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are officially here, making it the perfect time to lounge by the pool, take a little vacation… and do a little tax preparation. Yes: tax preparation. While we think of tax season as being in the spring, planning…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Can’t Afford a House? Try One of These Low-Cost Alternatives
    To this day, many people pursue the American Dream of owning a home. But if you can’t afford to buy a house, have lost your home, or are unable to sell without a loss, you’re probably desperate for lower-cost housing options. Here are a few alter…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Teaching My Son the Art Of Negotiation
    Skillful negotiation is a great way to save money — if you do it right. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it. Confrontation and conflict make me uncomfortable, so my goal is usually to complete the deal as soon as possible. But that didn’t st…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • 5 Ways to Save Money If You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck
    For the first few years of our marriage, my ex-husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck. I barely made over minimum wage, and although he made significantly more than I did, it still wasn’t a lot. We had a mortgage payment, as well as a stack of cr…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 6:00am -

The Digerati Life

  • Steps To Setting Up A Home Based Small Business
    The steps we are showcasing here are not just applicable for an online business but for any small business. What’s the difference between a hobby and a business? The difference is that losses from a business can be deducted on your taxes (schedule…
    - 4 Mar 13, 11:01am -
  • Paying For Life Insurance: How Policies Are Priced
    We compare low cost life insurance vs commission based policies vs those you can buy through fee only insurance agents. Every financial plan should have a risk management or insurance component. Yes, we all know the importance of life and disability…
    - 6 Dec 12, 8:35pm -
  • Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator To Help You Find A Better Loan
    I use a debt consolidation calculator to illustrate how much you can save with the right kind of personal loan. Today, I’ll cover some ideas on how to become debt free faster. If you’re someone with a strong credit rating but with credit card deb…
    - 30 Nov 12, 3:25pm -
  • How One Homeless Person Lives: Coping With Homelessness
    I’ve discussed how to avoid foreclosure and how to avoid bankruptcy in the past, but in some cases, things don’t work out too well, and there are people who end up becoming casualties of the real estate bust, credit crisis and weak job market. Lo…
    - 26 Nov 12, 10:50pm -
  • How To Eat Healthy & Inexpensively
    Everyone wants to eat healthy these days. Your health is priceless! Many claim, however, that it’s impossible to eat healthy on a limited food budget. But I would beg to differ; cheap meal ideas abound, and there are lots of ways to prepare your fo…
    - 19 Nov 12, 2:13pm -

Free From Broke

  • The Best Online Discount Brokerages for Cheap Trades – Investing Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive
    Do you recall the days when you needed to call up a stock broker in order to make a stock trade? And you needed to make the trade in a “round lot” (you had to buy 100 shares)?  Did I just date myself?  Thanks to the internet that’s no longer…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 8:23am -
  • Use Google Calendar To Pay Your Bills On Time
    Have you ever realized you had a bill sitting around that was due today? Or worse, yesterday? If you are lucky you can pay the bill online but that’s not always an option (I’ve found that some companies have a cut-off time). There was a time when…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 5:41am -
  • Do This: Save Money With a DIY Self-Reliance Mindset
    Although I live outside Chicago, our winters  in recent years have been decidedly mild.  For example, in the 2012-2013 winter, by January 31st, we had only received 3.5 inches of snow TOTAL.  This year, winter was back with a vengeance.  By Janu…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 4:19am -
  • Discover it® Chrome Review – A Good On-The-Road Travel Card, and Still Good to the Consumer
    A while back Discover decided to re-brand their cards. They essentially started from scratch to create credit cards that were fair for the consumer. The Discover it® series of cards was born. They recently tinkered around with their cards again and…
    - 11 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 9:30pm -
  • Your 4 Step Guide on How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
    For more than a decade, wages, in real terms, have been pretty much stagnant. Even as productivity has increased among the middle class, wages have failed to improve to match.  So, even though the recession has been over for more than five years, ma…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 4:14am -

All Financial Matters

  • Quote of the Day from James Allen
    I couldn’t sleep last night, so I got up and did some reading. I read the book, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. The following quote stood out to me: Here is a man who is wretchedly poor. He is extremely anxious that his surroundings and home comf…
    - 50 days ago, 27 May 14, 8:43am -
  • 70% of Americans Can’t Answer These Three Questions Correctly
    IF this is true, it’s very sad. According to Business Insider, 70% of Americans cannot answer all three of these questions correctly (not sure how they came up with that number, but we’ll go with it). 1. Suppose you had $100 in a savings account…
    - 65 days ago, 12 May 14, 8:37am -
  • I Have Officially Been Banned from Pamela Yellen’s Blog
    There is no discussing facts Pamela Yellen. Here’s a copy of our back and forth for your entertainment: JLP says: April 28, 2014 at 5:49 pm Why did you choose to use price returns for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Averages instead of real re…
    - 70 days ago, 6 May 14, 11:10am -
  • Unemployment Rate Funny Business
    Did you hear the news? Non-farm payrolls increased 288,000 in April and the unemployment rate “plummeted” .4% to 6.3%. See this Yahoo! story. At the same time the employment participation rate fell .4% to 62.8%. In case you don’t know, the part…
    - 74 days ago, 2 May 14, 10:12am -
  • Is Pamela Yellen Misleading Her Followers?
    I have seen Pamela Yellen’s books before, but never really paid attention to them until I read this piece by Allan Roth. Yellen is known for her “Bank on Yourself” books, a strategy that utilizes whole life insurance (UGH!). Yellen is very outs…
    - 78 days ago, 29 Apr 14, 8:34am -

Cash Money Life

  • Ten Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Car
    This article was originally published on Cash Money Life | Personal Finance, Investing, & Career at Ten Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Car.A lot of car owners become concerned with the value of their cars only when it comes time to sell them. Bu…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 1:15pm -
  • TradeKing Promotions – Best Promo Ever – $1,000 in Commission Free Trades!
    This article was originally published on Cash Money Life | Personal Finance, Investing, & Career at TradeKing Promotions – Best Promo Ever – $1,000 in Commission Free Trades!.TradeKing is one of the leading online discount brokers, and they are…
    - 18 days ago, 27 Jun 14, 11:05am -
  • What You Spend Your Money on Matters: What Will Make You Happy?
    This article was originally published on Cash Money Life | Personal Finance, Investing, & Career at What You Spend Your Money on Matters: What Will Make You Happy?.When it comes to money, it’s not so much how much you have that matters as what you…
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 11:29am -
  • Improve Your Small Business Results with Mindfulness
    This article was originally published on Cash Money Life | Personal Finance, Investing, & Career at Improve Your Small Business Results with Mindfulness.One of the problems that many of us run into as owners of home businesses or small businesses is…
    - 28 days ago, 18 Jun 14, 5:54am -
  • How to Market Your Small Business Without Breaking the Bank
    This article was originally published on Cash Money Life | Personal Finance, Investing, & Career at How to Market Your Small Business Without Breaking the Bank.Marketing is often the Achilles’ heel of businesses, particularly upstart businesses. M…
    - 30 days ago, 16 Jun 14, 4:31am -

PT Money

Clever Dude

  • Our House Is the Cool Place To Hang Out
    Image courtesy of Ambro / Since the day our son was born, my wife has said that when he enters his teenage years she wanted our house to be the place everyone wanted to hang out. Her theory was, if our son and his friends all li…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • Clever Posts Of The Week – July 11th
    It’s been an exciting week here at CleverDude – my post comparing the cost of Keg Beer to Canned/Bottled beer was picked up by Lifehacker!   I didn’t hate the traffic boom that followed at all. From a finance perspective, the 4th of July with…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 7:57am -
  • Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Hotel Room With A View Edition
    Over the fourth of July weekend, my wife and I took a vacation with some friends to the great city of Chicago, staying at a Hyatt Regency downtown. One might think I would have chosen a different hotel based upon my last experience, but another membe…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • What Has Happened to Human Interaction?
    Image courtesy of stock images / Life is busy with a never ending list of “to dos.” Between our jobs (maybe two), taxiing kids around, shopping, cleaning, cooking and trying to save a little money while doing all of it, ther…
    - 9 days ago, 6 Jul 14, 10:15pm -
  • Clever Posts Of The Week – July 4th
    In celebration of the birthday of the United States of America, I bring you the best of the best personal finance articles from around the web….as I do every Friday. Happy 4th of July everyone! The Worrying Signs That You Are Having Financial Probl…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 5:34am -

Dough Roller

  • Best Interest Rates for July 2014
    Finding the best interest rate is a lot easier today than it was even a few years ago. Here at Dough Roller we track rates on everything from checking and savings accounts to mortgages to CDs. It occurred to me, however, that there was no one single…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 12:00pm -
  • DR 088: 3 Key Ratios to Evaluate Real Estate Investments (#1 is All You Really Need)
    Recently a number of listeners to the podcast have asked about evaluating real estate investments. They want to know how much rent they would need to charge for a specific property to make it a “good” investment. The good news is that evaluating…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 11:10am -
  • DR 087: How Natalie Graduated Debt-Free, Paid Cash for a Car, and Bought a Home (She’s Only 24!)
    You’ve probably heard a lot of stories recently about new graduates with mountains of student loan debt. It’s not uncommon to hear of students with $100,000+ in school loans. Today I wanted to share a success story with you that bucks this trend.…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 8:58am -
  • DR 086: How to Spy on Your Own Investment Portfolio
    Recently I’ve started receiving the Morningstar Portfolio Monitor. It’s a monthly pdf that Morningstar puts together for premium members who track their portfolio using Morningstar’s Portfolio Manager. Simply put, it’s an amazing look into an…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 7:21am -
  • DR 085: How Your Budget and Net Worth Statements Work Together to Build Wealth
    Many people keep some form of a budget. We use our favorite budgeting tool, YNAB. Others use a spreadsheet or pen and paper. Whatever the approach, a budget helps you understand your income and expenses. Fewer people track their net worth. A net wort…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 1:00pm -

Stop Buying Crap

My Money Blog

  • newCiti Hilton HHonors Reserve Card: $100 Statement Credit + Two Free Weekend Nights $500+ Value
    This limited-time offer will end Friday, July 18th. Just applied myself. Check application status at 888-201-4523. Citi has a new promo for its premium Hilton Hotels card, the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card. The sign-up bonus now includes a $1…
    - 20 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 1:47am -
  • newPentagon Federal Credit Union Free FICO Credit Score (NextGen)
    Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) now offers a free credit score to select members. It may be offered only to members with a credit account with them (auto, checking overdraft, mortgage, etc.). I was offered the free FICO score and only have the…
    - 20 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 1:38am -
  • Quizzle Review: Free Equifax Credit Score and Credit Report is a website that offers a free credit score and your official Equifax credit report every six months. You can now monitor your credit scores from all three credit bureaus for free. It has been six months for me, so I just grabbed my 2nd…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 10:09pm -
  • Top 10 Best Dirt Cheap Beater Car Models?
    In 2006, Jay Lamm organized the first 24 Hours of LeMons (official site, Wikipedia) in which cars picked off the street that cost under $500 (not counting safety equipment) raced each other for 24 hours straight. The name and format parodies the lege…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 12:46am -
  • Spirit Airlines Free 8,000 Miles = 80% of One-Way Flight Award or Free Magazines
    Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that charges for things like carry-ons and printing a boarding pass at check-in. They have the highest number of complaints per passenger. But they’re cheap – they claim 40% lower on average. They are also know…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 1:40pm -

Saving to Invest

  • Will I Get a Raise This Year? And What Is The Average Raise?
    Unless you are a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company you probably won’t be seeing a double digit raise this year. According to the seventh annual Compensation Planning Survey by Buck Consultants, workers who were among the highest-rated at th…
    - 39 days ago, 6 Jun 14, 1:52pm -
  • Fastest Growing State – Hands Down Texas!
    I sometimes ponder where I would move if I had to leave my current state (VA). And more and more, Texas seems to come to mind. This is because of three main factors – strong employment, housing affordability and quality of life (good weather, diver…
    - 51 days ago, 25 May 14, 9:10pm -
  • Obamacare Health Insurance Purchase Requirement Extended into April 2014?
    [Update March 31st 2013] Extension to purchase health coverage may now be in the works. The original deadline to purchase coverage, before incurring penalties was March 31st, 2014. But a number of state exchanges, like Covered California said th…
    - 31 Mar 14, 9:00am -
  • Average 2014 Refund Higher Than in 2013
    The IRS has published its latest statistics to date and it shows that tax filers are getting higher refunds in 2014 than they did in 2013.  To date, the IRS has processed most of the received returns (about 30% of total expected). Of the returns fil…
    - 8 Mar 14, 1:47pm -
  • Online IRS Tax Tools To Figure, Track and File Taxes For Free
    With the 2014 filing season now officially open tax payers can go to and leverage a number of tools that enables them to file their taxes for free, figure how much in additional tax credits they can get and even plan for their 2014 taxes. Th…
    - 31 Jan 14, 1:31pm -

No Credit Needed

  • I Still Buy Stuff I Do Not Need
    I have been writing about personal finance (as in, my own) for nearly a decade.  In that time, I’ve had some financial success – paying off my consumer debt, purchasing a new home – and some blogging success – mentioned in the New York Times…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 5:31am -
  • Fight For Your Independence And Get Out Of Debt
    Let’s not wait until January 1st to focus on getting out of debt.  It’s July – It’s time.  Fight for your independence-  and get out of debt, today! No doubt, a little dramatic, but you get the point.  Today is the day to start planning f…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 5:30am -
  • How To Stay Motivated While Getting Out Of Debt
    Let’s be real.  The idea of getting out of debt sounds awesome.  The day-to-day grind of getting out of debt… not so much. Here’s how to stay motivated while getting out of debt - Celebrate Your Progress – Check those numbers and get excite…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 5:30am -
  • Envelope System Video – Simple Cash Management
    I created this video 7  years ago (wow!) to demonstrate my favorite cash management system – the envelope system. I have been using the envelope system for nearly a decade and it really is a great system for managing cash and household expenses.…
    - 17 days ago, 28 Jun 14, 1:00pm -
  • History Podcasts – My Favorites
    It’s been a while since I listed my favorite history podcasts.  There are a number of high quality, entertaining, free podcasts available and these are my favorites: History Podcasts - Revolutions – Mike’s awesome podcast, covering the revolut…
    - 18 days ago, 28 Jun 14, 6:37am -

My Two Dollars

  • Millions of American Homeowners Could Refinance and Save with HARP
    This post brought to you by Quicken Loans. All opinions are 100% mine. by Clayton Closson. You read that title correctly. An estimated 2.7 million American households could refinance to today’s mortgage rates (which are near historic lows, in case…
    - 12 Jul 13, 10:43am -
  • How I Saved $25/Month With One Call to My Cable Company
    Some people see cable TV as a luxury. Others see it as a waste of money. Like the majority of people, I fall somewhere between the two extremes. Regardless of how you feel about cable TV, you should do whatever it takes to save money on your cable se…
    - 3 Sep 12, 6:10am -
  • 3 Used Car Negotiation Tactics That Can Help You Save
    From a financial perspective, buying a used car as opposed to a brand new car is beneficial in a number of ways. Not only is the asking price lower, but you are in a position to avoid the massive depreciation in value that occurs during the first yea…
    - 23 Jul 12, 7:15pm -
  • The 13 Most Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions
    With tax time right around the corner, many people are starting to get all their filing information together, such as receipts, donation records, bank statements, and 1099 forms. And while it’s important to make sure you have all the relevant docum…
    - 3 Feb 12, 6:15am -
  • Your Bank Account Full Of Time – How Are You Spending It?
    The other day I came across a saying that made me really give thought to the amount of time I have left in my life and what I want to do with it. Comparing the time I have left to accomplish my goals to the balance in a dwindling bank account made me…
    - 26 Jan 12, 12:46am -

Budgets are $exy

  • How I’m Saving $100/mo on Our Cell Bill!
    You know those questions where people ask you if you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be? Well, for me it’s always been my iPhone. The one thing that connects me to the world which I could never live without (*ahem* #firs…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 3:02am -
  • They Can Never Take It Away
    Today’s a quick tip to remind you that no one can ever take away your accomplishments. Once you’ve done something brilliant – whether in life or career, or even money – it’s yours. Forever. That time you got promoted? You earned it. That ti…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:12am -
  • Un-Automating Your Finances Has Its Place Too
    “Automating your money is the bees knees” – every financial expert ever If there’s two things you can count on in the world of personal finance, it’s that spending your money on coffee is dumb, and automating your finances is smart. While I…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 3:08am -
  • Anyone Can Buy That
    For years I’ve lived with a maxim that brings a smile to my face every time I repeat it to myself. Which is approximately 38 times a day. I’ve kept it in long enough, however, and today I release it to the masses. It’s called “Anyone can buy…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 3:14am -
  • “The Penny”
    It’s the 4th of July and you’ll be out and lovin’ on America and hot dogs here shortly, but before you do take a few seconds and read this awesome essay (?) I stumbled upon while looking for pics the other day for Rockstar Finance… I usually…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 3:05am -

Smart On Money

  • Watch Out for Interest-Only Home Loans
    Now that the economy has picked up some, lenders are re-introducing a few "creative" financing methods. Here's one to watch out for, the interest-only loan.The post Watch Out for Interest-Only Home Loans appeared first on Smart On Money and was writ…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 9:25am -
  • How To Stop Feeling Pessimistic About Retirement
    When many Americans think about retirement, they are pessimistic — and for good reason. According to a recent COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey, 25 percent of Americans say that they are not saving for retirement at all. If you aren’t savin…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 7:54am -
  • 3 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Budget Under Control
    It's hard to keep the summer budget under control, but your finances will thank you for following these three tips.The post 3 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Budget Under Control appeared first on Smart On Money and was written by Miranda Marquit.Copy…
    - 36 days ago, 10 Jun 14, 7:13am -
  • 5 Tips for Reducing Financial Stress
    If you are experiencing financial stress, here are 5 tips that can help you reduce the stress of the situation, and possibly even come out ahead.The post 5 Tips for Reducing Financial Stress appeared first on Smart On Money and was written by Mirand…
    - 48 days ago, 28 May 14, 10:07am -
  • Paying for Education: How to Understand Financial Aid Letters
    When it comes to reading financial aid letters these days, often it's hard to separate the scholarships and grants from the loans. Here's how you can.The post Paying for Education: How to Understand Financial Aid Letters appeared first on Smart On M…
    - 70 days ago, 6 May 14, 1:55pm -

Financial Samurai

  • Increasing Passive Income Through Leverage And Arbitrage
    Earlier in the year, I had a nice conversation with a well-known San Francisco angel investor about risk and reward. I had a chunk of money coming due from an expiring 5-year CD and I wanted to get some advice on what to do with it. I asked him whet…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 4:48am -
  • Are You Smart Enough To Act Dumb Enough To Get Ahead?
    The smartest people in the world are listeners, not speakers. If all you’re doing is speaking, how do you learn anything new? There was once this portfolio manager I covered who had this uncanny ability to make you feel uncomfortable without saying…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 4:38am -
  • Ways To Add More Income To A Retirement Portfolio
    Like chasing the fountain of youth, nearly every retiree seems to be searching for the answer to one question: “How do I add more income to my portfolio?” We all want the perfect income-popping strategy, don’t we? Maybe in this case we’re loo…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 4:48am -
  • The Best Way To Get Rich: Turn Funny Money Into Real Assets
    The US stock market is on fire right now and everybody is getting rich – well, everybody who decides to save, invest their savings, and take some risks. For everyone else, this bull market is a disaster because everything gets much more expensive w…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 9:11am -

Fiscal Fizzle

  • My Favorite Podcasts
    I don’t have a whole lot of “free” time on my hands lately, but I do one thing every single day that is required and consistent—I commute. Every single day, I’m afforded the gift of 20 minutes each way in my car with no distractions, except…
    - 26 days ago, 20 Jun 14, 7:08am -
  • Spending More to Save More
    I visited the vet’s office this week to pick up the flea & heart worm medication my dog takes on a monthly basis. As always, I was given the option of getting a 6 or 12-month supply. This particular  brand, which comes in the form of a pill, is bo…
    - 29 days ago, 17 Jun 14, 6:54am -
  • The Pros and Cons of Having Roommates
    This post is written by Jennifer Riner of Zillow. Renters looking to save money should consider leasing apartments with friends. College students are notorious for cohabitating with classmates to spend more time together before graduation. Increasing…
    - 68 days ago, 9 May 14, 6:00am -
  • Getting Your Fashion Line off the Ground
    Creating a fashion line takes much more than a passion for fashion. It takes a lot of hard work and a sound business plan to make a fashion line a success. Here are some tips that have turned unknown names in the world of haute couture into fashion e…
    - 77 days ago, 29 Apr 14, 3:04pm -
  • The Two Most Important Questions When Cutting Down Your Budget
    There are as many reasons for cutting a budget as there are individuals: maybe you’ve just lost a job or got a pay cut, or perhaps you want to save more for an upcoming trip, or maybe you have a brand new budget and realized that you’re spending…
    - 82 days ago, 25 Apr 14, 6:41am -

Len Penzo

  • Don’t Be a Wimp! 22 Things You Should Always Haggle For.
    Last weekend I was at a barbecue with my friend, Jason, who told me a good-news bad-news story regarding a deal he got from DirecTV for their extremely popular NFL Sunday Ticket service that allows him to watch every out-of-market game during the ent…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 1:15am -
  • Black Coffee: You Can Put Lipstick On a Pig — But It’s Still a Pig
    It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe … Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. Let’s get right to it this week … Cr…
    - 3 days ago, 12 Jul 14, 3:15pm -
  • 5 Ways to Enjoy Free Family Travel with Credit Cards
    Using your credit cards to earn reward points for travel is a legitimate and easy way to see the world with your family. In addition to flying, the reward points can help families cut costs with their hotel, rental car and meals. Here are several tip…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 1:15am -
  • 10 Ways to Get Fit for Little or No Money
    Are you still making excuses that you can’t go to the gym because it’s too expensive? Or can’t afford a new bike to exercise? Be afraid, be very afraid, because you’re about to encounter some simple, cost-effective, ideas for you to work out…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 1:15am -
  • How Misplaced Financial Priorities Lead to Lame Excuses
    My teenage son Matthew had a bit of a tantrum last week — okay, actually it was a full-scale meltdown — after he found out that I wouldn’t let him ride his BMX bicycle until he got the brakes repaired. It turns out his bike brakes broke (try sa…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 1:15am -

Lazy Man and Money

  • newDehydrating Food Revisited
    Last week, I was in my basement digging for something and I came across my food dehydrator. If you have some kind of freaky memory, you may remember that I wrote Dehydrating Fruit for Fun… and Profit? last year. My conclusion was that it was a litt…
    - 15 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 6:15am -
  • Weird –> Rich + Happy
    When I was growing up, everyone strove to be "normal." If you weren't "normal", you got beat-up or you didn't get to hang out with the cool kids. It seems like being different is much more popular today. How else could you explain Lady Gaga's success…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 6:15am -
  • Is WakeUpNow a Scam?
    A few weeks ago, I had someone ask me what I thought about the MLM, WakeUpNow. Actually, Bill Kutras asked me about it in August of 2012. Two months earlier Russell Birtwistle tried to sell me on how it was "going to be a billion dollar company quick…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • How To Survive a Market Correction
    Sometimes when I read a title or headline of an article in a financial magazine, I think about what I'd write if tasked to write the article. The August 2014 of Kiplinger's Magazine has a title across the top that says, "How To Survive a Stock Market…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 8:00am -
  • Amazon Fire Phone and Impulse Buying
    A few weeks back, Amazon released its Fire Phone, their first cell phone. The most notable feature on the phone is called the Firefly button. I was sad to learn that it wasn't a button that launches the most excellent television show. Instead it perf…
    - 8 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 8:15am -

Mighty Bargain Hunter

  • When is it NOT okay to spend money?
    The blog A Young Pro had this year-old article in his Twitter feed recently.  The title: “When is it Okay to Spend Money?” He recounts the story of a really bad week with his car.  He gets in an accident, and then locks his only set of car keys…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 9:42am -
  • A common calling is a good deal
    Statistically, I’ve passed the midpoint of my life.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been thinking more about calling, and legacy.  Calling, in my mind, is the most important thing I can do, which would be the most difficult for someone else to do…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 2:57pm -
  • The other half of the personal finance battle
    A high school friend posted a link to this Mother Jones commentary on an Economist article dealing with education in personal finance. The main point brought out is that “courses in personal finance do not appear to have an impact on adult behaviou…
    - 3 days ago, 12 Jul 14, 9:38pm -
  • The value of your financial data
    Free Money Finance was one of the first personal finance blogs I commented on.  This was in 2005, so nearly … TEN years ago?!  Yikes. FMF is very successful, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in real life.  I can attribute what I know o…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 9:55pm -
  • Is the Guitar Center Stick Club a snare?
    I’ve been a musician for most of my life.  I play piano in two church services each week.  I doubt I could quit if I wanted to. For most of that time as well, I’ve been a bit of a closet drummer.  Lately I’ve also had the chance to hit the k…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 9:30pm -

Personal Dividends

  • Five Financial Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
    Everyone of us make small financial mistakes all the time. But since they’re small, they’re very unlikely to lead to a crushing blow. But there other money mistakes – major ones – that can definitely cause financial impairment if you aren’…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • How Much Could Your Morning Coffee Be Costing You?
    For many of us, morning coffee is much-needed pick-me-up. It can be hard to get going in the morning without that cup of joe. However, you might be surprised at what it’s costing you. You’ve probably heard of “The Latte Factor” and how you co…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Six Reasons to Brownbag Lunch – And It’s Not Just About Saving Money
    Do you – like most people – tend to head out to lunch each workday to a restaurant, or to the company cafeteria? If you do, you may want to take a fresh look at brown-bagging your lunch. It can open up a few options that can improve your workday,…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Do You Have Enough Life Insurance?
    One of the best things you can do for your family is to purchase life insurance so that they have some sort of protection in the event of your untimely passing. Deciding how much life insurance to get can be tricky, though. According to a recent Forb…
    - 13 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Will You Be Able to Retire at 65?
    For years, the accepted “retirement age” has been 65. However, many people are starting to look at their situations, and they realize that this might not be practical. A recent poll from CBS points out that only 52 percent of Americans not yet re…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 6:00am -

Money Crashers

  • new12 Ways to Volunteer Your Time and Give Back to the Community
    Do you feel a personal responsibility to help others? Randy Lewis, author of “No Greatness Without Goodness,” claims that all people, including businesses, have the responsibility to make the world a better place. In his case, he spearheaded a Wa…
    - 12 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 9:30am -
  • 3 Benefits of Downsizing Your Life and Living Lean
    Americans born after World War II have grown up in a culture that seems to promise them everything. The greatest economy in history was built, in part, by creating an insatiable demand for “more.” Unfortunately, however, its consequences can be m…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 8:30am -
  • Is Dental Insurance Worth It? – Affordable Plans, Types & Alternatives
    Parents spend thousands of dollars on orthodontics to ensure their children have what’s arguably the clearest physical indication of prosperity: a straight, white smile. George Washington was certainly prosperous, but he also endured the agony of p…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 10:15am -
  • What Is Credit Counseling – How Debt Management Plans Work
    There are a number of reasons people get into debt. Whether you’ve dealt with insufficient income and mounting bills for years, or face a new, unexpected challenge such as a big medical expense or a lost job, it can be frustrating to watch the in…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 4:15pm -
  • How Technology Is Effecting Society and Ushering In a New Era of Manufacturing
    Technology has been both a boon and a curse throughout history, upsetting the apple cart of the established order with new opportunities for some and great losses for others. Consider the impact of the automobile, first on the horse and buggy industr…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 1:00pm -

The Military Wallet

Deliver Away Debt

  • Wonga Hit with a $4.4 Million Compensation Bill
    Let the Loophole Wars Begin . . . Wonga has been in the news lately and for all the wrong reasons. Following an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority the payday loan giant was hit with a $4.4 million compensation bill to be paid to no less…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 9:45am -
  • Managing your money: All you need to know about payday loans
    Taking an in depth look into the media hype around payday loans Pay day loans have been receiving some particularly bad press in recent weeks, with the latest damning article published by The Telegraph suggesting that many short term loan borrowers a…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 5:34am -
  • Family VS Individual Health Care Plans | What Are the Differences?
    Of course the main difference between family and individual health care plans is that the family type covers more people than just one, the individual. Hello, Captain Obvious! Now, since family care plans cover more people, they also cost more. Howev…
    - 55 days ago, 22 May 14, 7:26am -
  • Aereo Micro Antenna and the Big Bad Broadcasters
    As a person who loves finding ways to save money and get stuff for free (legally of course), I am positively intrigued about an upcoming Supreme Court case which may actually decide the fate of how we consume media. The Backstory Aereo is a start-up…
    - 89 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 10:34am -
  • Should a Senior Like Me Worry About Getting Life Insurance?
    This is a common question among individuals over the age of 50 and the answer to this question, with very few exceptions, is always yes. It’s not a question that tends to come about due to someone your age not wanting life insurance coverage; typic…
    - 12 Oct 13, 6:18pm -

Dual Income No Kids Finance

  • What’s your couples investment style?
    Good morning Dinks.  Let me ask you a question, do you and your spouse invest your money the same way?  There are so many ways for couples to invest together – literally and metaphorically.  As a financial planner and one half of a couple I have…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • Weekly roundup: Bankruptcy and Retirement

    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • How much money equals happiness?
    Good morning Dinks.  Yesterday I wanted to buy myself a new summer dress and I thought…hhhmmm better not.  I am close to already spending my personal allowance for the week and we still have two days to go. Even though I really wanted a new dress…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • What’s your couple type?
    This past week I went to a barbeque at my friends house and I met three very different couples.  I don’t know why I go to backyard barbeques because I’m a vegetarian, but that’s a whole other story.  One couple was lovey-dovey, one was DIY an…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • Why living in a city is a gift and a curse
    Good morning Dinks.  As you know Nick and I live downtown in a big city.  We live in a high rise apartment and we’ve always loved it…until now.  As we get older we love the convenience and safety of living in a high rise but are starting to ha…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 3:00am -

Generation X Finance

  • How I Became a Used Car Dealer, for a little while
    This is the beginning of our 2003 update.  This update I am doing a little bit different, I am breaking it up into several consecutive posts and on the last one I will post the net worth update for 2003 followed by a glance at our 2003 budget. By do…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 10:30am -
  • How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?
    How much will you spend on your wedding ring? Jewelers recommend you spend 2-3 months of your salary on a wedding ring. Back in the day, when I was a single college student in love, I remember asking myself this question. I was all set to propose to…
    - 44 days ago, 2 Jun 14, 6:35am -
  • How I Became A Millionaire Yearly Update 2002
    Starting with a net worth of less then zero to having a net worth over a million before I was 30, this series will show you how my family and I did it. This is the first of the series of my journey to becoming a millionaire in eight years, or shoul…
    - 6 Feb 14, 4:51am -
  • Maximum 401k Contribution for 2014 Has Been Announced
    Each year the Internal Revenue Service sets the maximum amount of contributions a person can make toward their 401k plan. On Thursday October 31, the IRS announced that the contribution limit will remain unchanged for 2014, here. The amount maximum c…
    - 20 Nov 13, 7:30am -
  • Credit Karma Review
    I have had a number of people ask me about Credit Karma. I have used it a number of times to check my credit score and like it, so I figured I would go ahead and write a Credit Karma Review for all of you. When people start to repair bad credit or e…
    - 31 Oct 13, 12:33pm -


  • How Readers Just Like You Turned Their Finances Around 100% (The Douchebag System)
    “You don’t want to turn 50 and regret not giving it your all because of someone else or something that got in the way!” — Rip Rogers, legendary pro wrestling coach. This past weekend I got to main event a pro wrestling show for the first time…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 12:56pm -
  • The Other Side of Money : Forget Everything Your Parents Told You
    There’s a whole different world on the other side of personal finance. Once you crush your debt and save up a decent amount of cash, life totally changes. This side definitely doesn’t involve listening to your parents. It’s more about figuring…
    - 19 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 3:15pm -
  • How You Can Eliminate The Frustration Caused by The Movies (Dream Catchers Series End!)
    “I wish I started this sooner.” That’s what I said the other day at my pro wrestling class. I then repeated this phrase again on the mats during a BJJ class. Then I thought of it again during a Spanish lesson. Long story short: I wish I did a l…
    - 38 days ago, 8 Jun 14, 4:00am -
  • How-to Go From Zero to Hero in Real Life (not just the movies)
    Do you want to go from zero to hero? Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck? This applies to work, dating, your business, and your social life. The other day I saw a pretty epic promposal on Facebook. I didn’t even realize that a promposal was a t…
    - 44 days ago, 2 Jun 14, 5:11am -
  • Why You Should Never Listen to Your Family When Pursuing Goals
    I’m going to prove to you why you should never listen to your family when pursuing a new goal. It’s not what you might think either. My family is very traditional. I have amazing parents and the best brothers. Most of us have a decent family (fam…
    - 48 days ago, 29 May 14, 12:33am -

Money Crush

  • How to Recognize a Scam Before It’s Too Late
    Unfortunately, sometimes it’s relatively easy to fall for a scam — and even easier to feel stupid if it happens, which makes it harder to stop the scammers because people don’t want to come forward. I was the victim of one myself once, and alth…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • The FBA Experiment (Part 1)
    I’m a regular listener to Pat Flynn’s podcast, and a while back he did an interview with Jessica and Cliff Larrew, who have a full time business selling on Amazon. What she does is called Fulfillment-By-Amazon (FBA). I decided to dip my toe into…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • Going the Section 8 Route for a Rental
    A couple of weeks back in my rental property update I talked about how I’d decided to go the Section 8 route for it. This post will talk about how that went for me. For those not familiar (and I wasn’t really either) Section 8 is a portion of US…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • Take a Leap of Faith
    I remember the first time I quit my job to take advantage of an opportunity that really appealed to me. It was scary. People told me it was a bad idea, that I was crazy, and that they could never do something like that. (That last part was sometimes…
    - 23 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • Rental Property Update
    In late February, I put in an offer on a second rental property here in the valley. My below-asking offer was accepted, and things started moving fast. We had a super quick close (less than 10 days later) and so I was able to get started on my list r…
    - 30 days ago, 16 Jun 14, 7:00am -

Wealth Informatics

  • Five Reasons to Visit State Parks instead of National Parks
    Five Reasons to Visit State Parks instead of National Parks is a post from: Wealth Informatics if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Wealth Informatics feed. I love our American national parks and am so very grateful to those of our a…
    - 16 days ago, 29 Jun 14, 11:14am -
  • 14 Things Parents Should Make Sure Their High School Seniors Know
    14 Things Parents Should Make Sure Their High School Seniors Know is a post from: Wealth Informatics if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Wealth Informatics feed. Graduation time – when we parents send our precious ones out into th…
    - 36 days ago, 9 Jun 14, 1:22pm -
  • How Others Influence Your Wealth
    How Others Influence Your Wealth is a post from: Wealth Informatics if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Wealth Informatics feed. Humans are hard-wired to be social animals. We evolved as part of a group. The group kept us safe, kept…
    - 79 days ago, 28 Apr 14, 4:00am -
  • How to Overcome Six eBook Publishing Struggles
    How to Overcome Six eBook Publishing Struggles is a post from: Wealth Informatics if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Wealth Informatics feed. I finally succeeded in finishing my very first book! Writing it took me a year – workin…
    - 86 days ago, 21 Apr 14, 4:00am -
  • {Keekaroo Review + Giveaway} Finding the right high chair to foster independence
    {Keekaroo Review + Giveaway} Finding the right high chair to foster independence is a post from: Wealth Informatics if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Wealth Informatics feed. My daughter just turned 6 months old. How time flies! W…
    - 96 days ago, 11 Apr 14, 4:00am -

Engineer Your Finances

  • What Is The Best Way To Access Equity In My Home?
    If you are a homeowner that wants to access the equity in your home, there are several choices available to you. The three main choices available are to take out a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit, or a cash-out refinance. Each of these…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 5:01pm -
  • Investment Strategies That Help You Compensate For Inflation
    Inflation is a concern for every investor. To accumulate money over the long term, the returns from your investments have to beat the pace of inflation, which reduces the buying power of your money. Because of the current volatility in the markets, s…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 9:53am -
  • Money Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Finances
    Are you afraid of ruining your finances? Many people are because of how easy it is to make a poor financial decision with long lasting implications. There are so many things that can affect your finances negatively that you can ruin your future finan…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 9:51am -
  • Single And Buying A Home? What You Should Know
    Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you have to rent forever. Many singles across the nation are buying their own homes and establishing new households. Banks are not allowed to discriminate against consumers based on their marital status…
    - 12 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 10:35am -
  • Establish An Emergency Fund To Increase Your Financial Security
    One of the best things that you can do for your future financial security is to establish an emergency fund that can be used in the event that unexpected expenses arise. Having an emergency fund allows you to handle these small financial emergencies…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 12:06pm -

Early Retirement Extreme

  • newStranger in a strange land
    Get a student loan. Get a college education. Get a mortgage and become a home owner. Have a career. Put 15% of your income in a 401k/IRA for 35 years. Plan to retire at 60… any of this sound familiar? That’s because it is the standard recipe for…
    - 2 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 11:16pm -
  • newStop throwing away food
    When I was a kid I was always told to finish whatever was on my place. Wasted food never seemed to be a problem. Today I read in the newspaper that people throw away food worth billions annually. I think this reflects a change in attitude. What happe…
    - 10 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 11:13am -
  • newThree different definitions of retirement and the resulting confusion
    People have different definitions of retirement and I find that it often depends on how old they are. Being the figurehead here and also by virtue of being retired (in one of the definitions) I usually have to face the resulting confusion. Retired is…
    - 22 hours ago, 14 Jul 14, 11:12pm -
  • The minimalist kitchen
    When DW and I merged our households, DW contributed three coffee machines, two waffle makers, one food processor, one blender, one bread maker, a toaster owen, a microwave oven, a multitude of pots and pans, two strainers, many many spoons of various…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 11:09am -
  • Guest post: 16 more months to retirement!
    This is a brief summary of my financial life. My net worth is currently 580k and my goal is to hit 800k (26 times estimated future expenses) in the next 16 months. My spouse and I currently save 8k/month which is approximately 60% of our net annual h…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 11:03pm -

Darwin's Finance

  • Individual Investors Make Terrible Decisions – So STOP Making Them!
    I just came across yet another report (Marketwatch) demonstrating the abysmal state of US retail investor performance compared to basically doing nothing.  We just can’t help ourselves.  Based on this latest research of 20 years of data, here are…
    - 29 Jun 13, 12:02pm -
  • Rates Are Finally Spiking – What it Means
    After years of (artificially) depressed interest rates on everything from US Treasuries to savings vehicles like money markets and CDs to borrowing rates for consumers, we finally saw a spike in interest rates in May.  If rates keep rising at a simi…
    - 31 May 13, 8:58am -
  • Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer
    There’s a recent headline making the rounds of late showing that the rich keep getting richer while the rest either tread water or fall behind.  Consider this recent report by Pew Research and I’ll share my thoughts below: During the first two y…
    - 30 Apr 13, 2:29pm -
  • How Obama Goosed the Jobs Numbers and Why It’s Much Worse Than Media Portrayals
    As long as I can remember, people have always complained about the accuracy of government-reported statistics and claims.  For instance, every year, the government reports that the measure generally regarded as a barometer for inflation everyday Ame…
    - 29 Mar 13, 3:38pm -
  • Yahoo’s Work From Home Controversy – Thoughts and Your Opinions
    This past week, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer announced a ban on employees working from home.  This, in a culture where many, many employees were used to doing this for years.  Here are a few thoughts on this particular announcement, implications for…
    - 26 Feb 13, 7:36am -

Couple Money

  • How to Encourage Your Spouse to Save More
    I wholeheartedly feel that your spouse can be a powerful force with your finances. When you two are working hard towards your financial and personal goals that you’ve created together, you two are not only improving your finances, you’re making y…
    - 8 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 6:38am -
  • Dealing with Rising Vet Bills
    Our cats are a part of our family and we enjoy their company. My little girl loves to help out with taking care of them. Even though she is a toddler, we give her responsibilities like helping with feedings and keeping the water bowl full.  It’s a…
    - 36 days ago, 10 Jun 14, 6:47am -
  • Coin Jars and Our Toddler
    As parents we hope that by the time our daughter leaves the house she has a healthy view of money. She’s a toddler now, so  we want to keep it fun and help her as she learns the fundamentals of math. Piggy banks are a big part part of that right…
    - 50 days ago, 27 May 14, 9:15am -
  • Have an eBay Account? Change your Password
    Yesterday morning eBay announced that they had been hacked and customers information such as’ names,  addresses, birth dates, and passwords may have been compromised. Even though the passwords were encrypted, the company is advising all customers…
    - 55 days ago, 22 May 14, 5:39am -
  • Finding the Best Banking and Investing Accounts
    One of the best ways to keep your money working for you is to make sure it is stashed in the best bank and investment accounts. Every couple has their particular preferences on what they are looking for, but there are some basic requirements that you…
    - 4 Dec 01, 4:26pm -

My Journey to Millions

  • Would Knowing The Investment Return of Your Financial Adviser Actually Provide Any Value?
    There was an article this weekend in the WSJ titled, “Financial Advisers: Show us Your Numbers” by Jason Zweig.  I am usually a fan of Mr. Zweig’s articles and tweets, however, this article didn’t make much sense.  The crux of the article i…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • How Much Life Insurance Should a Stay at Home Mom Have?
    While I doubt there is anyone in today’s world who doesn’t place a value on a stay at home mom or parent, it is shocking how many times I see that the “breadwinner” is the only one with a life insurance policy.  Meanwhile, the housewife, ho…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • July 2014 Dividend Research
    Every month for the past two years I share my process to screen for undervalued dividend paying stocks that have increased their annual dividend payment for 20 or more years.  Last month I wrote, Considering the market has been hitting new intra-day…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 9:25pm -
  • July 2014 Net Worth Update
    Wow the market will just not quit, huh?  This has to end and it is going to be an ugly place around the Evan household when it does!  Not because I will have to sell anything, but I am absolutely affected by loss aversion.  Loss Aversion is the i…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • I am Not Sure How I Feel About the Recent Tax Inversion Activity
    If you follow business news at all you’d see an increase in tax inversion stories.  To put it simply tax inversion is when a United States company buys a foreign company and adopts the purchased company’s address to reduce taxes owed to Washingt…
    - 20 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 3:00am -

Enemy of Debt

  • The Lemonade Stand Review, and IPad Mini Giveaway!
    Whenever I pass a lemonade stand on the side of the street, I pull over. Regardless of where I’m going, how busy I am, or whether I’m thirsty or not I pull over and buy a couple of glasses. It’s a personal policy. I did the lemonade stand thing…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/11
    It’s a very tired fist pump from me this morning, my friends.  The ringing of our home phone woke me up at 1:00am.  Being a software engineer part of a team that writes firmware for very large business class servers, I’m essentially always on c…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 6:53am -
  • Pay the mortgage or credit cards first? Which do you let be late?
    Let me start off by saying: I hope you never find yourself in this difficult situation! Life gets really stressful when money is tight. People get sick, layoffs happen, and the household income drops due to unforeseen circumstances. When you find you…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 4:17am -
  • Seven Boosters to Help Grow Your Income
    When was the last time you saw an upsurge in your income? I’m asking because I didn’t see any increase for years. I believed I’ve reached my earning peak and that was that. Until, we found ourselves in financial trouble. Then I realised three t…
    - 7 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 4:01pm -
  • Are Luxury Hotels Worth the Price?
    A car pulls up to a hotel, the owner gets out as a doorman removes the bags and a valet takes the keys and drives away.  Inside the lobby a well dressed person at the reception desk goes through the check in process while describing all the amenitie…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 6:25am -

Peak Personal Finance

  • Investors Savings Online Banking June 2014
    Investors Savings Online Banking June 2014Post from: Peak Personal FinanceInvestors Savings Online Banking June 2014Post from: Peak Personal Finance In this Investors Savings online Banking June, 2014 update many things the American consumer should…
    - 19 days ago, 27 Jun 14, 5:00am -
  • Intervest National Online Banking June 2014
    Intervest National Online Banking June 2014Post from: Peak Personal FinanceIntervest National Online Banking June 2014Post from: Peak Personal Finance This Intervest National online Banking June, 2014 update is to help new and existing customers to…
    - 40 days ago, 6 Jun 14, 5:00am -
  • iGobanking Online Banking May 2014
    iGobanking Online Banking May 2014Post from: Peak Personal FinanceiGobanking Online Banking May 2014Post from: Peak Personal Finance In this iGobanking Online Banking May 2014 update are just what a person can except from this NYC based financial in…
    - 60 days ago, 17 May 14, 5:00am -
  • HSBC Online Banking April 2014

    - 82 days ago, 25 Apr 14, 5:00am -
  • Huntington Online Banking April 2014
    Huntington Online Banking April 2014Post from: Peak Personal FinanceHuntington Online Banking April 2014Post from: Peak Personal Finance In this Huntington online banking April, 2014 update is information on just how you can access the 37th largest…
    - 4 Apr 14, 5:00am -

Simple Financial Lifestyle

  • Who else want to get their financial goals back on track before year end?
    We are in the heat of the summer and year end is less than five months away.  How do you feel about your personal finances as we come closer to year end?  Do you feel like you are on track to reach your year-end financial goals you set for yourself…
    - 36 days ago, 10 Jun 14, 5:00am -
  • Is FEAR preventing you from simplifying your finances?
    We all have fears at some point in time in our lives.  Such as fear of putting money into the stock market and the fear of losing it all.  But you can not allow financial fears hold you back and prevent you from achieving your financial goals.  Th…
    - 85 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 6:00am -
  • 10 questions to ask yourself now that your tax return is done
    April 15th is here and hopefully your tax return is completed.  So now it’s time to celebrate right.   Maybe if you are receiving a refund or if you didn’t have to pay much.  The best news is that you don’t have to worry and stress over your…
    - 92 days ago, 15 Apr 14, 6:00am -
  • A dozen ways your tax refund can help you simplify your finances
    It’s April and tax season is upon us.  As you gather your W-2s, 1099s, 1098s and other tax documents to complete your tax return or provide them to your tax preparer, you are probably hoping  to receive a tax refund instead of owing additional ta…
    - 99 days ago, 8 Apr 14, 5:00am -
  • How can I eliminate the urge to splurge?
    Splurging – Spend (money) freely or extravagantly .  All of us do it every once in a while.  We go to the store with a list of things to buy or a set amount you plan to spend but you saw something you just could not leave the store without.  You…
    - 1 Oct 12, 5:00am -

Cash Flow Sherpas

  • 3 Secrets To Finding Great Balance Transfer Deals
    [caption id="attachment_2496" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Credit Cards"][/caption]By Stephanie MojicaAfter Valentine’s Day and other expensive winter holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s, your credit card interest payments may…
    - -
  • Two Quick and Easy Ways to Keep More Money in Your Pocket
    [caption id="attachment_2405" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="co-signing"][/caption]By Stephanie MojicaThere are plenty of frugal people all over the world who pinpoint the “latte factor” when it comes to keeping more money in their po…
    - -
  • Top 10 Ways To Save Money In 2011
    Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, especially where money and diet are concerned. Grab some or all of these top 10 ways to save money while enhancing your life in 2011 and beyond.1. DeclutterStart the New Year by cleaning your house, clear…
    - -
  • Personal Finance Pitfalls To Avoid In 2011
    As the New Year unfolds, here are the financial road traps that you need to avoid to solidify your financial position and get more sleep every night.The first pitfall to avoid is being unprepared without an emergency fund.  An emergency fund will…
    - -
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Credit in the New Year
    One New Years resolution that can really pay off for your financial health is to improve your credit score.  Often times a bad credit score can be attributed to bad money habits. The New Year is a good time to kick those habits and start financiall…
    - -

Financially Poor

  • newDebt Free Living: Make It Your Future
    Lying awake at night, you imagine how much money you could have if it wasn’t for those enormous credit card payments and the threat of bankruptcy on the horizon. You could take a carefree vacation. You could fix up your house. You could BREATHE a l…
    - 11 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 10:44am -
  • Life’s Little Surprises
    While a budget can help you keep track of daily expenditures and monthly expenses, it can do little to prepare you for the many surprises that life always seems to bring. At some point, the car will break down, a job will be lost, illness will strike…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 10:40am -
  • I Don’t Want My Kid To Have It Better Than Me
    As families go through generations, each one wants the next one to have it better than they did. Families came over from different countries to America so their children could live the American Dream. But where has that actually gotten us? It has bee…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 10:25am -
  • Three Smart Moves If You Can’t Pay Your Bills
    If you’ve always been responsible with your finances, being unable to pay a bill might send you into a state of panic. You may fear damaging your credit score or receiving calls from your creditors.  Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common.…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 10:23am -

The Consumer Boomer

  • What Baby Boomers Need to Know About Payday Loans
    Payday loans frequently appeal to people who run short of cash or encounter unforeseen expenses. Baby boomers are no exception, so it’s important for this generation to learn more about short-term lending. Greater knowledge on the risks and benefit…
    - 1 Apr 14, 2:56pm -
  • Tax Efficient Strategies When Selling Investments
    Baby boomers are living longer, but perhaps facing more challenges than ever. Healthcare costs, layoffs and lack of pensions greatly affect financial planning. We must budget our lifestyles to meet rising costs and uncertainty. In certain cases, this…
    - 25 Mar 14, 4:38pm -
  • Financial Crimes: Keeping Your Money Safe in a Troubled Economy
    With the job market still recovering from the 2008 recession and many financial institutions in trouble, keeping your money safe has never been more important. Criminals in the financial sector have found cunning new ways to take advantage of new tec…
    - 24 Mar 14, 5:40pm -
  • Has the Internet made us Richer?
    It has been over twenty years since the internet was made available to the general public. Since then internet access has been made available in restaurants and coffee shops, a myriad of devices ranging from cellular telephones to children’s video…
    - 24 Mar 14, 12:55pm -
  • Currency Trading For Beginners
    Currency trading, also known as forex trading, is the type of trade dealing with the exchange of a single currency into another depending on a certain rate. Those that participate in currency trading are larger financial institutions, like banks. Cur…
    - 13 Mar 14, 10:29am -

Personal Finance Firewall

  • Credit Karma Introduces Insights For Clear Account Management and Bill Tracking
    Years ago I wrote about, an awesome system that I’ve been using since beta to track all my finances online. Mint offers the ability to easily add financial institutions to your account, see deposits and withdrawals as well as get notif…
    - 2 Apr 13, 10:34am -
  • Netflix – The Final Frontier?
    Netflix, what an interesting company. They have been a pioneer since they opened their doors in 1997 and a few months back, my wife and I finally caved and decided to keep a subscription beyond the free trial. We actually were full members of Netflix…
    - 26 Jun 12, 9:30am -
  • 5 Tips For Overseas Travel
    Recently I travelled from Sydney to Chicago. Many things happened on this trip that with a little forethought I could have avoided. As such, here are my 5 tips to consider when you are travelling overseas! Check your passport This might sound basic b…
    - 29 Nov 11, 2:18pm -
  • Fashonify Review – A New Way To Find Your Style
    Everything today is about connectivity. You want to be connected with your friends, family and even people you’ve never met before, and they you. Why is that? One reason is we want information but in many cases it’s more specific than just that,…
    - 2 Nov 11, 12:40pm -
  • Lessons Learned From The Financial Blogger Conference
    Well, I made it back in one piece! The Financial Blogger Conference was amazing. There were hundreds of bloggers as far as the eye could see. No one batted an eye at my complaints about having to pay for WiFi or my trying to split a cab anywhere we w…
    - 5 Oct 11, 7:00am -

Sweating The Big Stuff

  • Beware of Macy’s and Other Store Credit Card Offers
    While purchasing a new pair of pants at Macy’s, I stood next to a few teenagers, one of whom was buying a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts. The salesperson asked if he wanted to open a Macy’s card. He asked if it was free and she said yes.…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • 6 Signs You Should Look For A New Job
    One thing you never hear people say is, “I wish I had waited longer to leave my job.” People often stay too long at a job that isn’t a good fit, usually because it’s hard to turn down a paycheck and the alternative is unemployment. There are…
    - 8 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • When To Consider Quitting Your Side Job
    A side jobs can be great, especially when you’re making over $110,000 and don’t need to pay self-employment taxes on that income. They can help you get a jumpstart on your savings, make up for lost time, or help provide a backup plan if the day j…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • How To Put The 100% Personal Tax Into Practice
    I’ve written about the idea of a 100% personal tax, which is the idea that whenever you buy something that isn’t a necessity, you impose a 100% tax on yourself that goes toward your savings account. This is a forced savings tactic which helps put…
    - 23 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • 3 Reasons Your Side Hustle is Failing
    You started a side hustle to bring in some extra money only the extra money isn’t coming. Instead you feel like you’re just wasting your time. You begin to wonder what all the hype about creating another stream of income is anyway. It feels impos…
    - 30 days ago, 16 Jun 14, 7:00am -

Money Funk

  • How to Successfully Negotiate Better Terms with Your Credit Card Company
    Lately every credit card company seems to have a trick up its sleeve. I don’t just mean the countless tempting offers that come in the mail. At least once a week I get a letter from companies I’m already using, letting me know they’ve changed t…
    - 22 Jul 12, 10:25pm -
  • 4 Ways Buying a Smartphone Can Save You Money
    For a long time, I was firmly against purchasing a smart phone. I figured I was just fine with my old cell phone, saving money by avoiding expensive monthly data plan fees. However, after talking it over with friends and family, I finally decided to…
    - 3 Mar 12, 12:55am -
  • Adult Children Living at Home – 5 Reasons to Live with your Parents Longer
    Dude, you still live with your parents? This phrase is uttered time and time again those who live their own and can’t understand why anybody would continue to stay in their parents’ home. Although there is nothing wrong with moving out, don’t o…
    - 13 Jun 11, 9:15am -
  • Obscure Types of Insurance Policies That May Help You in the Future
    Most people know a thing or two about auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. It makes sense, as these are common policies that tens of millions of people pay for, month after month. But while these may be the most commo…
    - 28 Feb 11, 7:20am -
  • Luxury Items for Your Dog: What to Buy, What not to Buy
    People love their pets. This is particularly true with dog owners. Our beloved dogs are pampered, groomed, and even clothed. We make them into a regular part of the family. As more and more canine “luxury items” have begun to hit the marketplace,…
    - 13 Jan 11, 1:29pm -

Ultimate Money Blog

  • Getting the Itch to Upgrade
    Lately I’ve had the feeling that I would like to move to a bigger house with more acreage.  Our house is just the perfect size for us right now, but we wish we had a garage and more property.  Not to mention, if we end up expanding our family it…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 8:26am -
  • 529 Plans versus Savings Accounts
    Shortly after Penny was born, we opened her up a savings account. Any money she receives from birthdays, holidays, grandparents, etc, we stash in her savings account. She’s got a nice little nest egg that hopefully we’ll be able to help her grow…
    - 23 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 3:33am -
  • Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost?
    A few years ago I considered going without dental insurance. At the time, I was working at the bank and the premium was deducted from my paycheck so it wasn’t a big deal and I continued to buy the dental insurance. I took advantage of the two free…
    - 44 days ago, 2 Jun 14, 5:48am -
  • 401k Rollovers and IRAs- Finally!
    The last time I talked about my ROTH IRA, I mentioned how my laziness cost me $115.  Well, I no longer will be losing money due to silly fees at the old brokerage firm.  I finally moved my IRA over to Vanguard and couldn’t be happier! It’s a hu…
    - 61 days ago, 15 May 14, 2:13pm -
  • Start a Cleaning Routine
    Keeping a clean house can certainly be a challenge, especially when you have little ones running around. A few weeks ago I decided I was tired of trying to clean my house from top to bottom every day and that something had to change. I decided that I…
    - 4 Feb 14, 8:30am -

Frugal Zeitgeist

  • College loan forgiveness programs
    Did you know there are absolutely loads of College loan forgiveness programs that may be an option to help reduce or even wipe out your college loans? For government backed loans such as Stafford loans there are options out there to engage in volunt…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 5:25am -
  • The Nuts And Bolts of an IPad POS System
    Setting up a business is expensive but the internet has given small business owners a slight edge in today’s competitive market. All they have to do is set up a website and display their items for sale. Customers come along one way or the other, an…
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 11:49am -
  • Best defensive stocks for retirement
    Best defensive stocks for retirement – When putting together an investing portfolio for retirement you want some stability, stocks that will ride the markets and still produce. Of course we would all want that all the time but these kinds of stocks…
    - 25 days ago, 21 Jun 14, 3:01am -
  • Best up-and-coming cities to buy a home 2014
    Best up-and-coming cities to buy a home 2014 – Recent years have seen low prices but extremely high competition and aggresive buying from large investors in the real estate market. That’s left it a pretty rough time for the low level everyday inv…
    - 45 days ago, 1 Jun 14, 4:55am -
  • Do states benefit from legalized gambling
    I would have a bet that you couldn’t go a few days without wagering on something. I don’t mean going to the tables or machines, I just mean with your pals, as a bribe to your kids, just figuratively. It starts at a young age and is encouraged dur…
    - 55 days ago, 22 May 14, 6:31am -

Out of Debt Again

  • Why Can’t We Just Print More Money?
    Did you ever wonder why countries or people for that matter, can’t just print more money? With today’s printers becoming so sophisticated, it’s a wonder more people don’t...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links,…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 6:00am -

Money Reasons

  • Are High Semi-Known Colleges Worth the Costs?
    In an unusual paradox, it seems like there are huge college education cost bubbles in the United States that makes me question whether semi-known colleges are worth the costs? I think college costs are a paradox in the fact that most of the informati…
    - 6 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 10:35am -
  • American Airlines Miles Credit Card seems like a Great Air Miles Reward Credit Card
    I’ve been considering getting a Air Miles Reward credit card recently, and below is what I came across that is making my consider American Airlines Miles Credit Card. Saving Even More Money on American Airlines Florida Beach Deals American Airlines…
    - 11 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 10:14am -
  • The Young Entrepreneurs of Finance and Trading
    The Young Entrepreneurs of Finance and Trading The new entrepreneurs making an impact in the world of finance and trading offer lessons to us all. Many of these high flyers are well on their way to achieving their dreams of financial freedom. Trading…
    - 16 days ago, 29 Jun 14, 6:35pm -
  • Extra Side Income Is More Than You Think!
    It’s true, extra side income is more than you think, let me explain… My friends underestimate the wealth accumulation advantages of side income.  They think that since they already work a full-time job, that’s plenty if not too much work alrea…
    - 27 days ago, 18 Jun 14, 10:43am -
  • When Debt is a Good Thing
    Back in the post called “Back in Debt But It is Different this Time“, I mentioned that instead of buying my used Toyota Camry outright, I decided to take advantage of the cheap loan interest rates and borrowing the money from the banks and invest…
    - 35 days ago, 11 Jun 14, 4:41am -

Rainy-Day Saver

  • 5 Best Ways to Save on Baby Supplies
    No matter if you are planning for the arrival of your first child or you are already a parent, there is one thing you are most likely aware of: Raising a baby can be very expensive. As you begin to make a list of the baby supplies that you will need,…
    - 23 Jul 12, 7:32pm -
  • 5 Ways to Save on College Textbooks
    The average four-year public university charges around $8,000 per year for in-state students in tuition and fees, and that’s after you factor in financial aid. But if you’re considering a private school, the price rises to a jaw-dropping $28,000.…
    - 3 Mar 12, 1:14am -
  • Be Your Own Consumer Advocate
    I’ve never been a fan of getting things you don’t deserve, whether by deception or stealing. But when I purchase a product and it doesn’t live up to my standards, I make it a point to let the company know.Crappy ways of getting “free” stuf…
    - 19 Jul 11, 9:39am -
  • Save Money on Formula
    Our little puddin'Hello, faithful readers! I’ve been on hiatus, and for good reason: Our little miracle baby arrived five weeks early, on Groundhog Day! Baby Saver didn’t want to wait and impatiently entered the world weighing 4 lbs., 8 oz. and…
    - 28 Apr 11, 7:00am -
  • Balancing Frugality and Fun
    When you’re trying to live frugally, it’s hard to get any pleasure out of spending money, since the action goes completely against the grain of your lifestyle. Trust me, I know this from firsthand experience. It pained me to buy maternity clothes…
    - 21 Jan 11, 10:45am -

Budgeting In the Fun Stuff

  • newNot Dead, Just on Summer Vacation
    Not Dead, Just on Summer Vacation is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun StuffNot Dead, Just on Summer Vacation is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun Stuff Just a quick note that I’m just on vacation. Please don’t worry if you don’t see posts re…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 8:56am -
  • Fugitive Stand Off in My Neighborhood!!!
    Fugitive Stand Off in My Neighborhood!!! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun StuffFugitive Stand Off in My Neighborhood!!! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun Stuff Last night was a bit tense. It’s not everyday that a fugitive chooses to hunker…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • Just Started Using Checkout 51 – The Grocery App for Everybody! Really!
    Just Started Using Checkout 51 – The Grocery App for Everybody! Really! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun StuffJust Started Using Checkout 51 – The Grocery App for Everybody! Really! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun Stuff I’m not an av…
    - 8 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • I Do Gamble

    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • Happy Fourth of July!!!
    Happy Fourth of July!!! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun StuffHappy Fourth of July!!! is a post from: Budgeting In the Fun Stuff Happy Fourth of July to my American readers and Happy Random Friday to everybody!!! Related Posts You May Enjoy:Wee…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 4:00am -

Punch Debt In The Face

  • newDo your work benefits rock?
    With the arrival of Baby Ninja in the rear view mirror, Girl Ninja and I are starting to receive a hefty amount of mail from my insurance company. All the hospital visits, the labor and delivery, the lactation consultations, the pediatric appointment…
    - 21 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 12:33am -
  • No easy way around extra paychecks
    For those of us that get paid every two weeks, we face a battle of epic proportions. Managing a budget is no easy task, especially when all months AREN’T created equal. Ten months a year we might bring home $4,000, but two months of the year we bri…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 11:42pm -
  • Markets at an all time high? Jump in.
    I’ve been doing a lot of blogging lately about real estate and the stock market. The last two years have been insane for both markets. Epic and unsustainable are some of the adjectives that come to mind for the recent  gains. The general consens…
    - 9 days ago, 6 Jul 14, 10:58pm -
  • Meet baby ninja
    He’s 8lbs even and a lady killer. We love him… even if he kinda looks like an alien
    - 20 days ago, 25 Jun 14, 11:18pm -
  • Today I become a dad
    And this is the only picture I could find to summarize how I feel about that.     Wish me and Girl Ninja luck
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 9:17pm -

Well Heeled Blog

  • Trying the Abstainer Route
    In welcoming the second half of 2014, I’m going to shed my Moderator skin and try behaving like an Abstainer for the rest of the year in a bid to max out my 401K and pay for CB’s private school tuition at the same time. That means that from J…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 6:00am -
  • Multi-generational living: the new way of the future?
    Multi-generational living on the rise despite historical stigma The US has a thing about living alone: moving out of your parents’ home and living without roommates has been long deemed a sign that you have achieved adulthood. I come from a cultur…
    - 22 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 6:00am -
  • Retirement calculators: love ‘em or leave ‘em?
    I have very mixed feelings about retirement calculators. Perhaps that’s why although I’ve been saving for retirement since my early twenties, I almost never run retirement calculators. (I think the last time I did it was in 2010, with the Puddin…
    - 28 days ago, 18 Jun 14, 6:00am -
  • Borrowing money from family (it can be win-win)
    A lot of people say you shouldn’t borrow money from family, or that you should draw up complicated documents or have really in-depth conversations about it. I realized that in my family, this isn’t really the way things go. Siblings lend/borrow f…
    - 34 days ago, 12 Jun 14, 6:52am -
  • 1 Month of No Shampoo (No-’Poo) Experiment
    My month-long no shampoo experiment started by accident. I finished using my bottle of shampoo a few days before graduation, and I didn’t want to buy another bottle before I had to move. I have also read a little bit about this “no-poo” movemen…
    - 37 days ago, 9 Jun 14, 7:00am -

Not Made Of Money

  • Tips for Making Space to Create a Pantry Stockpile
    Organizing and maintaining a pantry can be a lot of work, but it does have its advantages. By bringing a little bit of order to a pantry and making space to stock up non-perishable food and other ingredients, a pantry can actually save a lotTips for…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 6:44am -
  • Are Loans a Good Idea to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?
    The following article is brought to you by Travis Holmes. Credit cards are open lines of revolving credit, often charging high interest rates and tempting the consumer to run up a high amount of debt without really thinking about it. By the credit ca…
    - 13 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 4:20pm -
  • Tips For Spending Less Money
    When you look over your budget and realize that you’re spending more money than you’re making, you have two options. Your choices are to find a way to make more money or to work out a way to spend less money. Although increasing your incomeTips F…
    - 23 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 4:47am -
  • 4 Things Your Fridge Needs to Work Less and Save More!
    The following article is a guest post by Rheney Williams. Please see her bio at the end of the article. If your refrigerator could quote movie lines, it would probably shout out: “Help me help you. Help ME! Help YOU!” Indeed, how many times have4…
    - 44 days ago, 2 Jun 14, 4:09am -
  • How To Curb Your Impulse Spending
    Impulse spending can cause havoc to any well-developed budget. No matter how carefully you plan your budget, if you impulsively diverge from your spending plan, your budget will be worthless. Controlling impulse spending is imperative if you are goin…
    - 48 days ago, 29 May 14, 3:44am -

20 Something Finance

  • $1 Saved in your 20′s Equals $10 Saved in your 50′s!
    $1 saved in your twenties can be the equivalent of $10 saved in your fifties, if invested over time.Hard to believe? It’s true.Actually, $10.06 to be exact – at an average annual rate of return ...$1 Saved in your 20′s Equals $10 Saved in…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 5:56am -
  • The Cheapest Way to Listen to your Favorite Music, Uninterrupted
    Back in the early 90′s, I gave up the pencil-rewind cassette playing Walkman and purchased its successor – the Sony Discman. Man, that thing was cool. All I needed was something to actually listen too…I ...The Cheapest Way to Listen to your…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 6:38am -
  • The Patio Swing Restoration Project
    My wife and I have a patio swing that was gifted to us about 7 years ago, when we moved in to our current home.It sits right outside of the back sliding door, on our ...The Patio Swing Restoration Project[Read the rest of the story at 20somethin…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 7:41am -
  • Don’t Settle for Anything Less than a Livable Wage
    At times we all have to work jobs that are not exactly what we envision ourselves in at our career peak. Case in point, my first job ever was as a busboy for a Flap ...Don’t Settle for Anything Less than a Livable Wage[Read the rest of the story…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 5:53am -
  • Maximum HSA Contributions Increased for 2015
    The IRS recently (and quietly) published an inflation adjustment increase to the maximum HSA contribution for 2015 over 2014′s maximum.If you’ve been following along, you know that I have been a big fan of health ...Maximum HSA Contributions…
    - 21 days ago, 25 Jun 14, 7:36am -

Beating Broke

  • newThe 1,700 Mile Move: 5 Lessons I Learned
    I come from a family of non-movers. For example, my mom, once she married, became listless and lost her appetite and quite a bit of weight.  The doctor diagnosed her with homesickness.  She had moved less than five miles from her family home to her…
    - 13 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 8:12am -
  • Why Purchasing Rental Car Insurance Isn’t Necessarily a Waste of Money
    I recounted in my last post the many adventures we had driving 1,750 miles from Illinois to Arizona where we damaged not one, but two rental cars.  We saved $100 by not purchasing the rental car company’s auto insurance, but that decision cost us…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 6:56am -
  • How Trying to Save $100 Cost Me $500
    My husband was offered a job in Arizona, 1,750 miles from where we current live in Chicago, Illinois.  Because neither of us had been to Arizona before, we wanted to visit before we committed to living there.  Time was of the essence, and booking a…
    - 21 days ago, 25 Jun 14, 7:32am -
  • The Argument for Freezing Credit: Is Your Social Security Number Easily Found on the Web?
    You’ve likely heard about the recent security breaches at popular stores like Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s.  While it’s bad enough that so many customers’ security was compromised, what’s even worse is the reports that these custome…
    - 36 days ago, 10 Jun 14, 6:57am -
  • The Power of Facebook When Planning a Cross Country Move
    Are you on Facebook?  Most everyone seems to be.  After all, Facebook is a great place to catch up with old friends, share photos of your kids (and see friends’ family photos), and even look up what old flames are doing now. However, have you eve…
    - 41 days ago, 5 Jun 14, 9:00am -

20s Money

  • Baby, You Can Drive My Car
    You can drive it, if you can afford it, that is. Buying a first car can be a tricky endeavour if you don’t know what you’re doing and that’s why this handy infographic has been created: to guide first time buyers when purchasing your new set of…
    - 19 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 10:11pm -
  • What is an Executive MBA?
    An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree is a graduate-level business degree. It is similar to a traditional MBA except for the type of student it targets. An EMBA degree is designed for working professionals such as executives, e…
    - 19 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 10:01pm -
  • Modern Car Protection Plans
    Modern automobile insurance companies try to make life easier for customers. Thanks to professional websites, customers can manage their insurance policies online. For example, monthly bills can be set up to be paid on a recurring basis. At the same…
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 9:23pm -
  • What You Need To Know About Debt Forgiveness
    If you have ever had your bank or other financial institution forgive your mortgage you still have to pay taxes on that amount. However, there are some homeowners that have an exception to this especially in recent years.The following are a few tips…
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 9:20pm -
  • The Power of Email Marketing
    Social media may be the quickest way content goes viral, but don’t discount the power and influence of email marketing. Marketing via newsletters is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, but more importantly it enables you to create an…
    - 22 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 9:18pm -


  • 5 Ways to Save Money On Summer Cooling Costs
    Summer weather can be a welcome relief from the cool (and sometimes freezing) temperatures that can accompany winter and sometimes spring. Here in the Chicago area, after a brutal winter, this warm weather feels like paradise! Of course, as great as…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 12:07am -
  • 4 Reasons Why the Facebook Experiment on User Emotions is No Big Deal
    So, there is an uproar over a Facebook experiment did on unknowing users. Apparently, the experiment involved user news feeds having either positive or negative content omitted.   A lot people don’t seem to like this. I’m not one of those peopl…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • 3 Underrated Summer Travel Destinations
    Some of the best times I’ve had have been while traveling. There is something about disengaging and going on a vacation that is good for the soul. Whether it’s for rest and relaxation, fun exploring, or a combination of these purposes, these are…
    - 22 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 5:00am -
  • Weddings and Money: Follow Traditions and Dreams, or Be Practical?
    How do you feel about getting cash as a gift for a birthday or holiday? Frankly, at this point, I’m giving gifts rather than receiving them.  That’s the way it goes as a parent.  Though innocent homemade “Happy Father’s Day” cards from yo…
    - 24 days ago, 22 Jun 14, 6:45am -
  • The World Cup is Big Business, but Why Don’t Americans Care So Much?
    The World Cup is a big deal and big business, and it has the world as a captive audience. Except, that is, the United States. With billions of dollars of business generated by this event, it’s clearly a global centerpiece for the sporting world. An…
    - 28 days ago, 17 Jun 14, 5:45pm -

Passive Panda

  • From a Resort in Puerto Rico: 5 Life Lessons That Will Keep You Happy and Make You Wealthy
    A few weeks ago, I told you about the experience I had the first time I stayed at a luxury hotel. Little did I know, I would be staying at another one a few weeks later. Funny how life works like that. You never do something, and then all of a sudden…
    - 16 Jan 13, 9:19am -
  • The Free Social Media Tool Everyone Should Use
    You’ve probably already heard people proclaiming the usefulness of Facebook and Twitter for earning more money and building a business. There are tons of apps, widgets, and thing-a-ma-jigs that claim to get you more followers and fans on social med…
    - 7 Dec 12, 11:41am -
  • How to Find and Do Work You Love
    As you know, here at Passive Panda we are building a community that believes earning more isn’t just about earning money. It’s about earning freedom, happiness, and satisfaction from our jobs as well. In other words, our community believes in doi…
    - 3 Dec 12, 9:01am -
  • 7 Important Lessons Luxury Hotels Can Teach You About Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur
    A few weeks ago, I stayed at my first luxury hotel. Most of my life has been spent gorging on the breakfast buffet inside various Holiday Inns, so you can imagine that this prime time resort was a big upgrade. And while the giant chandeliers were nic…
    - 13 Nov 12, 7:02am -
  • 7 Surprising Things Fashion Week Can Teach You About Marketing Your Business
    Two weeks ago, I found myself in New York City attending Rachel Zoe’s private fashion show and wondering how I got there. Before that night, the only runways I had been on were at the airport. But don’t worry, it might have been unfamiliar territ…
    - 26 Sep 12, 9:01am -

20 and Engaged

  • Starting your Small Business
    Coming up with the cash to get your small business or other entrepreneurial idea going can be rather difficult at times. It can be so difficult in fact that many people are not able to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams because the funding is not a…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 10:39pm -
  • Exploring Protection Plans For Vehicles
    In the Unites States of America, each state has the right to establish specific rules and regulations regarding automobile insurance. The department of motor vehicles usually dictates the type of coverage that drivers must purchase. The purpose of au…
    - 34 days ago, 11 Jun 14, 10:14pm -
  • Common Cosmetic Procedures that can Brighten Your Look
    One of the joys of married life is that you have someone to grow old with. Unfortunately, that means you have to grow old. Even if you and your partner are as gorgeous to each other as the day you married, it couldn’t hurt to occasionally get a lit…
    - 35 days ago, 10 Jun 14, 12:58pm -
  • Three Tech Challenges Faced By the Modern Couple
    Frank Sinatra once sang: “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.” However, Sinatra didn’t have mobile devices to contend with. If you throw technology into the mix, the traditional marital arrangement becomes a lot more compl…
    - 36 days ago, 9 Jun 14, 9:53pm -
  • How do Car Title Loans Work?
    A car title is proof of ownership for a vehicle. It explicitly identifies who owns the vehicle, and any leans placed upon it by lenders. Typically, the only time a title needs to be shown at all is when it is time to transfer the vehicle to a new own…
    - 43 days ago, 3 Jun 14, 4:02am -

The Family CEO

  • Found Money: a 2 Year Update = $43,082
    I’m a big believer in little amounts of money. Two years ago, in July of 2012, I wrote about the $318 in proceeds from my garage sale and what I was doing with them. I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the first of what would become reg…
    - 8 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 1:50pm -
  • Happy 4th, Some Housekeeping, and a Found Money Reminder
    Happy Thursday and Happy (almost) 4th of July to my US readers. I wanted to pop in to say hi and – for some of you – this may be the first time you have heard from me in a while. That’s because I’ve switched email subscription services, and…
    - 12 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 12:14pm -
  • Enjoy fireworks and sparkling cash bonuses
    Offer details: 360 Checking®: Earn $100 when you open a 360 Checking® account. Sign up for fee-free 360 Checking®, make 5 Debit Card purchases or 5 mobile deposits with CheckMateSM within 45 days and snag a cool $100 on day 50. This has to be your…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 11:44am -
  • Financial Thoughts from a New Student College Orientation (with Some Actual College Cost Numbers)
    Last week, Tom and I accompanied Grant to his new student orientation at Saint Louis University (SLU). It was a day and a half event, so we drove down on Wednesday evening and back on Friday afternoon. St. Louis is a four hour drive from Kansas City…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 5:00am -
  • An HSA Mid-Year Update (When Things Don’t Go As Planned)
    When I started this post a few weeks ago, it was going to be a very different one. A more boring one. But things didn’t quite go as planned. A little background: earlier this year I wrote about our need to make a health insurance change and our de…
    - 28 days ago, 17 Jun 14, 1:34pm -

Broke Professionals

  • The Costs of Moving – Part One
    The Costs of Moving – Part One is a post from: Broke Professionals if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Feed. Americans move on average once every 12 years, according to the 2009 National Association of Home Builders data.   It c…
    - 86 days ago, 20 Apr 14, 2:04pm -

Mrs. Nespy's Frugal World

  • So Long, Farewell....
    It's been a long time coming, but I am finally pulling the plug.This is the end of Mrs Nespy's World.Over the last week I have been pulling affiliation links, contacting PR firms and cleaning out the blog.  After almost 6 years of blogging, I have t…
    - 4 Sep 13, 11:53am -
  • Tips to Make Disney World Fun for the Whole Family
    There are tips galore all around the internet on how to make your vacation to Disney World the best ever.  Trust me - I think I perused all of them. After doing that, I picked the ones that would (hopefully) work for us and made up some just for us.…
    - 22 May 13, 1:11pm -
  • Our 2013 Disney World Family Vacation
    So if you've been on my blog at all in the last week, you've noticed that we have just returned from our family vacation to Disney World. We paid cash and had a blast!  Hooray for family fun on a budget!But aside from all of the tips and tricks that…
    - 22 May 13, 12:35pm -
  • How Was School Today? How I Got My Kids to Talk to Me.
    My son is currently finishing up first grade while my daughter is in the last few days of 3K at the same school.  Each day I picked them up I would ask the same questions:  How was school today?  What did you do?  These questions always resulted…
    - 22 May 13, 7:41am -
  • What Would Have Been Impossible 3 Years Ago
    So I am currently a long way from being debt free.  Although my journey to being debt free (excluding mortgage) started over 3 years ago and I thought I would be done by now, life happens sometimes and we just are not there yet. We have been making…
    - 2 May 13, 9:04am -

Saving Money Today

  • Steer Clear: What to Avoid to Save on Your Cell Bill
    Money is tight for just about everyone right now, barring the cell phone company CEOs who are raking in more money than they know what to do with because you’re paying too much on your cell phone bill. Sometimes bills are inevitable to avoid, bu…
    - 26 Feb 14, 2:51pm -
  • 5 Ways to Save $50-plus Per Month
    David Bakke constantly searches for new ways to save money and shares his findings on the personal finance blog, Money Crashers. Show me a bunch of ways to save $10 per month, and I won’t be too interested. Explain to me how to save $25 a month, an…
    - 4 Jun 13, 5:59am -
  • What is Superannuation?
    A girl I used to work with moved to Australia a few years ago and she recently came back to the US to visit her family. While she was in town I met her for lunch at the same old diner we used to eat at when we worked together. While Elaine and I wait…
    - 29 May 13, 8:00pm -
  • 10 Ways To Cut On Energy Costs At Home
    When it comes to reducing energy costs, little gestures can go a long way. By apply these 10 simple tricks at home, you will shrink your energy bill, all the while doing something good for the planet! 1. Fight the Phantom Load! You probably think tha…
    - 14 May 13, 6:10am -
  • Saving in the City: Ways to Lower Mortgage Costs in an Urban Area
    When the economy takes a nosedive and the unemployment rate remains at all-time highs, homeowners begin to scramble to look for real ways to lower their mortgage costs. Before refinancing a home, homeowners often search for other avenues of cash to h…
    - 9 Apr 13, 7:08pm -

Quizzle Wire

  • newCould you save money on your wedding with crowdfunding?
    The rise of crowdfunding is making its way into the mainstream, helped along by a number of high-profile projects. Everyone...The post Could you save money on your wedding with crowdfunding? appeared first on Quizzle Wire.
    - 9 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 1:00pm -
  • newHow to score cheap plane tickets for a last-minute vacation
    Take one step outside and you know that summer’s not over yet. And with still-scorching temperatures and long, sunny days,...The post How to score cheap plane tickets for a last-minute vacation appeared first on Quizzle Wire.
    - 15 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • Why Haven’t You Refinanced Yet?
    Even though mortgage rates are near historic lows, many homeowners have yet to refinance their mortgages. Fannie Mae recently shared...The post Why Haven’t You Refinanced Yet? appeared first on Quizzle Wire.
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 12:00pm -
  • How to Prevent Your Child From Developing an Expensive Technology Habit
    Technology is amazing and can help us in all aspects of our lives. From video games, to smart phones, to...The post How to Prevent Your Child From Developing an Expensive Technology Habit appeared first on Quizzle Wire.
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – July 13, 2014
    A collection of Quizzle’s Must-Read Articles for the week ending July 13, 2014: Funny Money: 5 Money Mistakes To Avoid...The post Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – July 13, 2014 appeared first on Quizzle Wire.
    - 3 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 7:00am -

Funny About Money

  • newSpayday
    Ugh. Five o’clock in the morning and nothing will do but what the dogs have to get up. Pup has to be at the vet’s by 8 a.m., which means a two-and-a-half-hour wait  before leaving the house with her. During that time she can’t be fed, and so t…
    - 15 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 7:05am -
  • Weird Weather…
    …portending what is going to be a bitch of a week. Along about 5 p.m. the dogs and I were rousted from a little nap by the sound of thunder. Got up to let the corgis out before it starts to rain. It was 112 degrees out there, black clouds, gusting…
    - 2 days ago, 13 Jul 14, 9:22pm -
  • What’s Wrong with These Pictures?
    Dropped by Budgeting in the Fun Stuff today? That crazy dude who tracked down his ex-wife’s sister in Texas and murdered her and five other members of her family was brought to ground in BiFS’s neighborhood. After he executed the couple and all b…
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 2:31pm -
  • Lazy Woman’s Blog Post of the Day
    So here we are at…what? Thursday? It’s already been a busy day: I’ve chaired a meeting (the first since the summer Eng. 102 course started, a month and a half ago), run some errands, stopped by the Paradise Valley Police Department to ask what…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 1:01pm -
  • If You’d Asked Me, I Would Have Told You…
    Water-saving, power-saving appliances are about as ecologically unfriendly and consumer-unfriendly as it is possible for a device to be. How d’you like what came out of my washer this morning? The new, fancy, water- and power-saving EXPENSIVE cloth…
    - 7 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 3:55pm -

Yes, I Am Cheap

  • July 1 Debt Check…And Other Stuff

    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 12:37pm -
  • Want To Help Someone? Let Them Fail
    Splat! That’s the sound of some people who I know falling flat on their faces.  It’s also the sound of a lesson learned the hard way.  And, in some ways, it’s the sound of a fair bit of guilt, but that too shall pass. I’ve been sharing the…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 9:16am -
  • Does Money Make You Mean? Answer: Yes!
    In one of my favorite Ted Talks, social psychologist Paul Piff shares his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy.  Individuals were divided into a rigged game of Monopoly where groups were divided into a group of rich players and a g…
    - 21 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 9:52am -
  • Holding Cash In Your Account? You Might Be Screwing Up
    You know how you make a mistake and you’re so embarrassed by the mistake that you hide that mistake on the back of a shelf in a deep, dark corner somewhere hoping that no one ever discovers it? Well there are no such secrets here.  I screwed up bi…
    - 26 days ago, 20 Jun 14, 9:31am -
  • How I Can Afford To Retire At 40
    I promised that I would share how I plan on retiring at 40, so this is it.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how a regular Jane can do this, here’s your chance.  First, we have to get one thing out of the way before we even talk about my actual pl…
    - 28 days ago, 18 Jun 14, 7:15am -

Prairie EcoThrifter

  • new3 Things To Not Compromise On When Under Stress
    There are a lot of stressors in my life right now, and my body is rebelling against it. Not only am I planning a wedding which is approaching far too quickly, but I am also planning a month-long honeymoon to continent we’ve never been. On top of th…
    - 21 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 12:28am -
  • Selling Your Investment Property?
    Not everyone is cut out to be a landlord or landlady. If your relationship with that investment property has soured, maybe it is time to sell. You bought the property in hopes that your renters would pay your expenses while the property appreciated.…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 12:28am -
  • How to Make Your Budget Work for You
    One of the hardest things to stick to is a budget. Everyone seems to dislike them. I don’t like budgets myself, and actually refer to what I do with my money as a “spending plan.” But budget or spending plan, the reality is that it can be hard…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 12:28am -
  • Life Lessons from The Playground
    I spent the afternoon on an overcrowded playground watching the two boys I babysit run around in a swarm of NYC children. While watching the jungle of life in action, I saw a lot of important life lessons being learned… You Have To Ask For What You…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 12:28am -
  • Foods You Need to Buy Organic, and Foods You Don’t
    My grandmother, who turned 102 earlier this year, remembers when “organic” wasn’t even a word used when talking about food. Before it became a “fad”, a “necessity”, or a “ripoff” (depending on who you ask), everything was organic. A…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 12:28am -

Debt Free Marriage

  • Husband, Your Wife Needs Financial Stability.
    Gentlemen, please permit me to explore a touchy subject. It has to do with your wife and her job. In terms of providing for the family, I put that responsibility solely on the man in the relationship. Why? Because as MEN, that’s what we do. We ACCO…
    - 5 Dec 13, 9:00pm -
  • What the credit card companies don’t want you to know
    The following post was written by The Simple Money Blog, and I felt it was particularly relevant for the Debt Free Marriage audience. It is from a fellow personal finance blog that is coauthored by a husband (“KJ”) and wife (“AJ”). Happy read…
    - 27 Jan 13, 7:30am -
  • Why do Credit Cards Cost More than Bank Loans? [Podcast]
    Suppose I have an $8000 credit card and an $8000 bank loan. They both have the same interest rate of 14.4% AND they both have the same payment of $220. You would think that these two loans would get paid off at the same time, but that would be very w…
    - 31 Oct 12, 1:55pm -
  • How to Give “Bad Financial News” to Your Spouse
    Last year, one Friday afternoon, I received a notice in the mail from my mortgage company. It basically said that my payment was about to go from $770 to $1600 effective immediately. After the shock wore off I called the mortgage company, but they we…
    - 14 Oct 12, 2:18am -
  • Overextended much?
    Lately I’ve found myself a bit overextended. I’ve started too many projects and I’m finding it difficult to juggle them all and keep them all going. Each website I’ve created requires a considerable amount of time to update and maintain. I th…
    - 20 Aug 12, 9:37am -

Wealthy Turtle

  • 4 Money Lessons I Learned From Samurai Jack
    Long ago in a distant land…I, Aku, the shape-shifting Master of Darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish Samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 4:19am -
  • Goodbye Mom
    I’ve been a bit less active in the blogosphere than usual lately but I had a very good reason…my Mom was dying. My mother has been battling several serious health issues over the last few years and she had deteriorated significantly in recent mon…
    - 9 days ago, 6 Jul 14, 4:18pm -
  • My SitterCity Review – How to Find a Babysitter
    My review of SitterCity and how we used it to find a reliable babysitter quickly and easily. A few months ago my wife and I decided we needed to find a reliable babysitter.  In the past we’ve always relied on my sister watch our kids, or we traded…
    - 15 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 6:41am -
  • Investing in Lego and Other Collectibles
    When we talk about different types of investments we are usually referring to things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.  These are the traditional assets that make up a typical investor’s portfolio. But there are alternative invest…
    - 20 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 4:02am -
  • What Batman Taught Me About Blogging
    Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Don’t get me wrong…Spiderman and Superman are cool and all, but they pale in comparison to the ultimate crime-fighter…Batman. Do you know why I love Batman? Because he’s just like you and me. Sure…
    - 22 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 6:24am -

20's Finances

  • newThe Importance of Comparison Shopping Health Insurance
    A few months ago, my wife started to get frequent headaches. Some were mild, others were so severe she had to stay in bed all day. After talking with her doctor, a bunch of tests were ordered. For the most part, our health insurance kicked in and pai…
    - 12 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 9:28am -
  • new6 of the Hottest Apps for Managing Your Investments
    Whether you're looking for an easy way to keep track of stock market reports, budget your own finances, or even get investment advice, there are several apps you can utilize to make sure you're playing it smart when it comes to your cash.
    - 12 hours ago, 15 Jul 14, 9:16am -
  • How Liquid is Peer to Peer Lending as an Investment?
    Over the past several years, I had heard a lot about peer to peer lending as an investment option. Being the curious investor that I was and still am, I decided to give it a shot. There's no better way to learn than from personal experience. Unfortun…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 4:00am -
  • Home Budgeting 101: 5 Steps to Budget Your Dream Home
    Do you want a cute cottage on the lake, a mansion in the most prestigious part of town, a bungalow on a large chunk of property, or something else? It's possible to live the life of your dreams if you save enough money. So, if you're ready to make yo…
    - 5 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:00am -
  • 8 Things to Remember When Budgeting For a Vacation
    The average vacation cost for a family of four is an astonishing $4,000, a not inconsiderable amount for most Americans. Here are seven expenses that every vacation budget should include.
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 7:36am -

Careful Cents

  • Effortless Savings by Richard Syrop: Book Review
    This book is a fun, easy-to-read, how-to manual on everything about saving money. Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice by Richard Syrop, covers everything from saving money on telecom services, to home energ…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • How Creatives Can Successfully Deal With and Recover from Burnout
    The month of May 2014 was my busiest — and therefore craziest, most hectic, most stressful — yet for my side business. While trying to manage my full-time job and my freelance business, I’m up to working about 80 hours per week. A typical day h…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • Cash Budget Challenge: 60 Days to Smarter Business Spending
    If you’re a regular reader of Careful Cents, you already know how important it is to get out of debt and keep track of your personal finances, so you can achieve your business goals — like quitting your job, traveling more, and generally having…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 10:16am -
  • 25 Best Business and Finance Tips From Three Years of Careful Cents
    I’m excited to announce that Careful Cents turns three years old this month! And to celebrate, you may have noticed a fresh new website and branding look. It was during this week, three years ago, that I was sitting on my bed with a notebook brains…
    - 19 days ago, 27 Jun 14, 7:00am -
  • What to Do Before Hiring Your First Assistant
    Hiring your first assistant (or even employee) is an important milestone for any creative solopreneur. Up until now you’ve been the sole person doing all the work for your business — aside from the occasional contract work. And if you’re anyth…
    - 37 days ago, 9 Jun 14, 8:00am -

Everything Finance

  • How much should I save in an Emergency Fund?
    How much should I save in an Emergency Fund? is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!We’ve already explained the many reasons why you need an emergency fund, even if you think you don’t n…
    - 5 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 8:09pm -
  • When Your Second Child is a Different Gender – How to Save Money
    When Your Second Child is a Different Gender – How to Save Money is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!I still have a few weeks before I find out what gender my second child is. My first…
    - 12 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 10:58am -
  • 5 Top Tips to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows
    5 Top Tips to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!In this day and age —where social media rules supreme, and companies spend millions of dollars annual…
    - 13 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 6:17am -
  • Household Items You Can Sell Right Now for Big Bucks
    Household Items You Can Sell Right Now for Big Bucks is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!If you are struggling financially and need money right now, there are a few things you probably ha…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 8:48pm -
  • 20 Financial Tips for Those in Their 20s – Part 4
    20 Financial Tips for Those in Their 20s – Part 4 is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Don’t miss part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this series. We have finally made it to the last part! I…
    - 17 days ago, 28 Jun 14, 2:14pm -


  • When It Comes to Acquiring New Bank Customers, Ratings Matter But Customer Reviews May Make the Difference
    The bank you choose makes just as much of an impact on you as the car you drive, the phone you use, or the insurance you depend on. The banking industry may seem different on the surface, but the reality is that many customers make the decision of wh…
    - 13 Nov 12, 9:25pm -
  • Is 730 a Good Credit Score?
    Credit scores range from 300 all the way up to 850, so a credit score of 730 is certainly considered “good.” However, it’s still too low to be considered “excellent.” Prior to the recession, a score in the upper 600s was good enough to ge…
    - 3 Oct 12, 11:19pm -
  • Is 725 a Good Credit Score? Read Credit Expert’s Opinions
    It may seem strange that paying off debt will help your score improve, because your credit score is based on your levels and types of debts, but it is true. Reducing your debt can help you get better mortgage rates and interest rates on auto loans. I…
    - 3 Oct 12, 11:14pm -
  • Is 720 a Good Credit Score? Read How Your Score Ranks
    Before the financial crisis hit, 720 was considered a good enough score to get the best rates on auto loans and mortgage rates. While 720 is not a bad number, the highest credit score is 850, you can raise it up to a higher number like 760 which is t…
    - 3 Oct 12, 11:05pm -
  • Is 715 a Good Credit Score? Learn What Experts Think
    If you’ve got a 715 credit score, you’re doing pretty well and it’s by no means a bad credit score. When you go to take out an auto loan or check around for the lowest mortgage rates, you’ll be able to get a good rate, but not the best.  Thi…
    - 3 Oct 12, 10:58pm -

50 Plus Finance

  • Planning an Early Retirement? Managing Legal Matters Wisely
    Retirement (Photo credit: Tax Credits)It’s safe to say that most people would like to retire early, but how many people will actually be able to do so; moreover, how many will retire early and do so comfortably, i.e. without regretting not staying…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 6:20am -
  • Trade Show Wars: Making an Unbelievably Effective Booth for Cheap
    When it’s time to take your product out into the wide open world of trade shows, you have many things to consider in order to be successful. A lot of people focus exclusively on the product itself and, while absolutely essential, it is not by any s…
    - 13 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 7:04am -
  • These Five Tips Could Save Seniors Big Money on Car Insurance
    We’ve written in the past about strategies that people over the age of 50 can use to save money when insuring a vehicle. In this article, we’ll expand on that with a few extra tips that seniors can take advantage of when purchasing coverage for a…
    - 15 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 8:25pm -
  • 6 People Who Went Bankrupt Early In Life and Later Retired Comfortably
    Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Filing bankruptcy doesn't only affect finances. People who file bankruptcy often take a hit to their self-esteem. Fortunately, bankruptcy doesn't mean an end to success and financial stabilit…
    - 16 days ago, 29 Jun 14, 11:17pm -
  • 4 Ways Hiring a Cleaning Service Can Save Your Household Money this Summer
    Introduction Some people are hesitant to hire a cleaning service because they believe they cannot afford it. To them, hiring a company to clean their home seems like an extra expense that can be avoided by simply performing the cleaning themselves.…
    - 16 days ago, 29 Jun 14, 10:16pm -

Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant

  • I Lost My Job – Day #19 Strange Lessons
    It’s June 19.  I’m about 3 weeks into this weird phase of my life of unemployment.  It’s simply strange.  The days have begun to blend together.  I hit a lull around week 2 where it looked like all opportunities were…Read more ›The p…
    - 26 days ago, 19 Jun 14, 11:49am -
  • Stocks For Your Kids: Year 4 Update
    Stocks For Your Kids Series: How to Choose Year 1 Update Year 2 Update Year 3 Update Dear Son, It’s time to look at your stocks again!  These are interesting times at our house as you turned 8.  Due to my recent…Read more ›The post Stock…
    - 42 days ago, 3 Jun 14, 10:29am -
  • I Lost My Job – Day #0 Termination Day
    Well, here it is Friday, May 30 also known as Termination Day or The Day I Lost My Job.  I would like to tell you it was exciting at the office today, but in reality I had a meeting with…Read more ›The post I Lost My Job – Day #0 Terminatio…
    - 46 days ago, 30 May 14, 9:28pm -
  • I Lost My Job – Day #-17 HEALTH INSURANCE!
    Not only am I the primary provider of income to my family, but I am also the sole provider of health insurance.  As a result of my upcoming termination our family’s health coverage will end.  DW has had a lot…Read more ›The post I Lost My…
    - 64 days ago, 13 May 14, 9:24am -
  • I Lost My Job – Day# -24

    - 70 days ago, 7 May 14, 7:42am -

Afford Anything

  • Fire Your Boss, Travel Slowly & Reach Escape Velocity
    If I’ve been conspicuously quiet on this blog lately, there’s a solid reason: I’ve been traveling nearly nonstop. One of the benefits of no longer Working for the Man is the ability to do whatever the heck I want, and “what I want” usually…
    - 9 days ago, 6 Jul 14, 3:49pm -
  • How an Ordinary Midwestern Couple Paid Off $46,000 in Debt
    **Win a FREE copy of Bob’s book! Details below. ** Bob Lotich was stranded. He was 20 years old, living alone in a strange city. He didn’t know anyone. He was broke. His checking account was empty. His savings account was nonexistent. His credit…
    - 30 days ago, 16 Jun 14, 5:50am -

Family Money Values

  • I’m Away – Living Life and Prepping for Money Camp
    If any of you out there in the internet world actually read my blog, I thank you – and apologize for the infrequency of my posts.  I’m busy with summer activities and heavy into planning this years Money Camp.  I’ll … Continue reading →
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 7:14am -
  • Stand Up for Independence!
    The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands wh…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 1:00am -
  • A “Lets Pretend” Game to Help Teach Your Grade Schooler to Manage Money
    I’m spending the month preparing for my 2014 Grandma Rie’s Money Camp session which will be held at the end of July this year. This year’s camp changed location to take advantage of a Federal Reserve tour, tours of my … Continue reading →
    - 14 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 11:44am -
  • Raising Great Adults – 4 Lessons Parents Must Teach
    I’m a lucky parent. Both of our children (now adults) are healthy, independent, successful, happily married and responsible. I like to think that some of the things I did while raising them helped them reach that state. Today, I share … Continue…
    - 23 days ago, 22 Jun 14, 1:53pm -
  • Tips for Students to Find Summer Jobs
    When the summer rolls around school is out and students need a way to bring in some money so they can have some summer fun. Finding a job is not as easy as it used to be in the old … Continue reading →
    - 24 days ago, 21 Jun 14, 2:30pm -

Stumble Forward

  • [Survey] Take My 8 Question Podcast Survey
    Before you read the rest of this article take my podcast survey right here. Starting Over On My Podcast You may have noticed that I haven’t produced a podcast episode in a while.  In fact my last episode came out on May 12th of this year and I hav…
    - 1 day ago, 14 Jul 14, 2:41pm -
  • Check Out My New Blog –
    You may have noticed that I haven’t been spending a lot of time here on  Well there’s a good reason for that, and as you can tell by the title I’ve started a brand new blog called Wallet Impact. Why I Started Wallet Impact…
    - 21 days ago, 25 Jun 14, 6:09am -
  • The Art of Investment: How to Maximise Your Returns in 2014
    Without any doubt, there is a difficult and delicate art to making significant amounts of money in the current economic climate. While anyone with a marketable skill and a willingness to embrace hard work can secure a stable position of employment, f…
    - 29 days ago, 17 Jun 14, 8:06am -


  • Shop Local: The Stores You Oppose Started Small And Local
    The calls to “shop local” have been growing louder year after year. Even one of the largest credit card companies, American Express, started a movement called “Small Business Saturday” to entice consumers to shop at small businesses. It seems…
    - 24 Mar 14, 6:00am -
  • The BIGGEST SECRET About Taxes You Will EVER Read!
    I bet you thought you were going to be blown away by some super-secret, S.H.I.E.L.D. level 10-access info, huh? You probably saw the title and thought “Oh, wow, now I’m going to get the real scoop!” Or, perhaps you just clicked on the link beca…
    - 12 Mar 14, 12:50pm -
  • How To Look Like A Fool When Asking For A Discount
    I have lots of clients who make me shake my head. There’s the people who hand their kids everything on a silver platter. There’s the guy who calls at least once a week with a new scheme to avoid paying taxes (“scheme” being the operative word…
    - 26 Feb 14, 9:27am -

Money Matters Guy

  • What to Do After a Car Accident
    Car accidents can be extremely frightening experiences.  If you are unlucky enough to be involved in one but manage to escape without any injury it is highly likely that you will end up suffering from some form of shock or at the very least you’ll…
    - 25 Mar 13, 10:56am -
  • Couponing Strategies
    With all the rage about using coupons to save money – even shows on television – you may be wondering how you can get in on the action.  Well, it’s actually pretty easy, and here are some of the top strategies that you can use right now to get…
    - 21 Dec 12, 1:11pm -
  • Planning for University Life
      This year has seen the first students beginning university life with the new increase in tuition fees. Those going into first year now are required to pay £9,000 each year in fees, but according to the National Union of Students (NUS) are likely…
    - 21 Dec 12, 1:11pm -
  • Accidents at Work
    Accident at work? That won’t happen to me! Well, as much as you’d like to think that you’ll never get an injury in your office, there’s always a chance that you could. That’s why it’s essential for you to know what steps to take if it hap…
    - 3 Dec 12, 5:09am -
  • Managing Your Cash Flow
    All SMEs need to manage their capital and cashflow. Having a steady supply of working capital is vital to meet monthly payment demands, as well as stabilising the business and helping push into new territories and markets. However, many SMEs continue…
    - 2 Dec 12, 5:09am -

Don't Quit Your Day Job

  • If You Agree With Reddit About This Nintendo Investor Meeting Question, You’re Doing Investing Wrong.
    Even though this is ostensibly a post about Nintendo, I’ve actually got a bone to pick with both Nintendo and Reddit on this one – stemming from this thread on Reddit.  (Before you ask – “It’s in /r/gaming, what did you expect?”… note…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 4:30am -
  • The DQYDJ Weekender, 7/12/2014
    The spam, folks, it gets funnier and funnier! Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos…
    - 3 days ago, 12 Jul 14, 9:51am -
  • The S&P 500′s Actual, Inflation Adjusted and Dividend Reinvested Price
    It annoys us to no end that when people quote market returns, they generally will only use nominal returns, and ignore the effects of inflation.  This discounts the way most of us live – when we take money out, we do so in order to spend at curren…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 5:44am -
  • The Thawing Employment Market
    As proprietors of a site which has continually highlighted that much of the recent unemployment rate reduction came from a reduction in the number of people working – and that weakness was reflected through the unemployment population ratio.  A nu…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 4:45am -
  • How Canada’s Real Estate Market is Like Beanie Babies
    Remember Beanie Babies?  Those adorable little stuffed (with beans!) animals which set off a crazy toy bubble of epic proportions, right before the ensuing Tickle Me Elmo bubble really took off.  Yep, the 1990s were bullish for toys every bit as mu…
    - 14 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 5:14am -

The Debt Princess

  • Discovering America’s Favorite Past-time with the 2014 Topps Baseball Series
    My youngest son has decided that he loves baseball. He played two season of t-ball before deciding that he loved soccer. Then last year I took him to his first minor league and his first major league game…he was hooked!…Read more →
    - 77 days ago, 29 Apr 14, 8:06pm -
  • Earn Money While You Get Healthy with PactApp
    Want to get me motivated to do something? Attach a monetary reward to it. Want me to work out more? Threaten to fine me if I don’t. And that is the concept behind the awesome app I have been using,…Read more →
    - 84 days ago, 23 Apr 14, 7:30am -
  • Stress Stinks…Literally! + $25 Walmart Giveaway
    Like most moms, my schedule is jam packed. During the past few years I was working outside the home, going to grad school, writing as a freelancer, blogging, working a weekend job for extra money, shuttling two boys to soccer…Read more →
    - 86 days ago, 21 Apr 14, 6:00am -

Below Your Means

  • Investing – My Thoughts on the New T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Fund
    I am always looking for funds and investments that are both relatively conservative and align with my basic economic outlook.  Since I generally believe stocks are overvalued and are being held up entirely by government stimulus and central bank mon…
    - 28 Jun 11, 6:00am -
  • Below Your Means Basics: Understanding Savings and Wealth Creation
    Our Below Your Means Basics series this week deals has been focused on looking at your finances from a perspective of your Net Worth.  We started the series discussing Income vs. Net Worth, and then took a look at debt.  Today, we’ll be taking ab…
    - 22 Jun 11, 6:00am -
  • Frugal Tip: Top 4 Free PC Tools
    Utilities and tools that promise to make your PC faster and virus free are a very big business.  You will see countless infomercials and popup ads trying to sell you some product to rid your machine of slowness and nasty viruses.  Unfortunately, mo…
    - 21 Jun 11, 6:00am -
  • 7 + 1 Life Lessons from the Very (and Not So Very) Wealthy
    Over the weekend Barry Ritholtz published an excellent column in the Washington Post listing 7 lessons he’s learned through his interactions with high net-worth clients.  The lessons reflected a number of the values we have at Below Your Means. …
    - 20 Jun 11, 1:00pm -
  • Below Your Means Basics: Understanding Your Debt
    Before we get started, if you are months away from foreclosure or other serious financial consequences, this is not the article for you. We do not cover issues like bankruptcy, credit repair, or debt settlement agencies. Consider consulting the assis…
    - 20 Jun 11, 6:00am -

Humble Savers

  • Find A Financial Planner Checklist – 8 Questions You Must Ask
    How do you find a financial planner that is just right for you? There is little doubt that most people can benefit from the services of a good financial planner (financial advisor).  These eight questions act as a great checklist. They have been de…
    - 7 days ago, 9 Jul 14, 4:47am -
  • Is Buying Gold A Better Insurance Policy Than A Savings Account?
    As the dollar continually slips against other major currencies, people are wondering how secure their futures are financially. They’re making their monthly contributions into their savings and trying to find ways to diversify their portfolios, all…
    - 16 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 5:14am -
  • Stepping Stones: How to Become A Team Leader
    Making the move into a team leader role is a great way to expand on your current skills and experiences, and turn the work you currently do into a more challenging and rewarding position. While you may think that you’re already perfect for the role…
    - 21 days ago, 25 Jun 14, 4:56am -
  • Money Saving Measures for Start-up Business Owners
    Starting up your very own business takes time, effort and generally a lot of money. This is why it’s important to save wherever you can during your first few years as a small business owner. Cutting costs now may very well help extend the life of y…
    - 26 days ago, 20 Jun 14, 6:54am -
  • How To Increase Your Rental Property Return
    The most astute investors understand the need to search for and implement ways to improve the returns they make on their rental properties. Naturally, properties that are well-presented attract a high quality of tenant or justify rent increases. Howe…
    - 26 days ago, 20 Jun 14, 6:40am -


  • Take a Chill Pill: Confessions of a young mother of three
    Many of you reading this post are parents and completely understand and sympathize with me when I say - today has been one of those days where I have constantly needed to remind myself that my children are a blessing.Take a Chill Pill: Confessions o…
    - 31 Oct 12, 5:34pm -
  • Family Time on a Dime
    First, let me define drawing closer to someone. By drawing closer I am specifically referring to spending quality time. Time that will encourage communication, increase love, build understanding and result in laughter.Family Time on a Dime is an a…
    - 16 Oct 12, 7:51am -
  • The Cost of Couponing: Is it really worth it?
    Back in 2009, I wrote Why coupons could cost you more money. Today, I bring you an awesome post from the female perspective.Most of you, I am sure, have probably cut coupons at some point. Coupons were first used in America in 1909 when Post made an…
    - 11 Oct 12, 8:40am -
  • New Retirement Planning Strategy: Raise a Financially Literate Child
    The financial difficulties that we’ve experienced in recent years should both reinforce the need for financial education and give you a sense of the exact types of skills you need to pass on to your child.New Retirement Planning Strategy: Raise a…
    - 9 Oct 12, 9:00am -
  • How to Feed a Healthy Family on a Tight Budget
    As a young mother of three beautiful children and the wife of a grad student, I have been forced back into the college budget. You know, the one where after all bills and obligations are payed you have approximately $50 to live on (small exaggeratio…
    - 27 Sep 12, 3:22pm -

I Am 1 Percent

  • Net Worth Update (+1.2%)
    Click here to see my current net worth. The month of June ended slightly up.  Overall, my net worth increased by $22,038 since my last update early June.  Our net worth increase would’ve been higher, but my wife’s employer is changing her pay…
    - 14 days ago, 1 Jul 14, 1:09pm -
  • Wealthfront versus Betterment
    For the longest time, I have managed my own investment accounts. Early on, I attempted to buy individual stocks with disastrous results. After learning from this mistake, I began to invest in mutual funds without paying any attention to fees. Over th…
    - 26 days ago, 19 Jun 14, 11:10am -
  • Net Worth Update (+2.6%)
    Click here to see my current net worth. The month of May ended slightly up.  Overall, my net worth increased by $45,488 since my last update early May. The major drivers of the increase were: Broad stock market gains I also was able to contribute a…
    - 42 days ago, 3 Jun 14, 12:57pm -
  • Net Worth Update (-1.2%)
    Click here to see my current net worth. The month of April ended down.  I honestly can’t pinpoint why it was down as the market was actually up for the month.  My investments just didn’t do as well as the market.  Overall, my net worth decreas…
    - 74 days ago, 2 May 14, 10:02am -
  • 7 High Costs of Renting Out Vacation Homes
    Owning a vacation home is a great accomplishment for many – whether they plan to use the properties as retirement homes, frequent personal getaways or vacation rental properties. A second mortgage for a vacation home is, of course, a debt each borr…
    - 99 days ago, 8 Apr 14, 7:40am -

Money Infographics

  • Using online ERP: Getting started
    Effective project management is critical to the success of all businesses, and small businesses in particular must ensure they successful manage the delivery of their projects in order to remain competitive and lay the foundation for future growth. U…
    - 10 days ago, 5 Jul 14, 3:14pm -
  • Round up of some amazing reads this week
    Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Caution!: Ten Warning Signs of Debt Problems – Being in debt can be a serious issue. Financial problems can follow you for your life. The following are ten signs that you may be facing debt problems. Maria @ The Mo…
    - 52 days ago, 25 May 14, 1:45am -
  • Plan so you don’t leave the UAE broke and disillusioned
    There’s little doubt about it, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular Middle East country in which to live and work. Having said that, hard data about the make up of the UAE’s disparate expat communities – how many in each group and from w…
    - 79 days ago, 27 Apr 14, 3:36pm -
  • Big Expenses That Might Require a Personal Loan
    Getting a personal loan is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The most important thing to remember is to pay the loan off as quickly as possible or at the very least pay the minimum loan amount to maintain a respectable credit rating. But…
    - 13 Mar 14, 3:22am -
  • Purchasing fine art
    There is money to be made in fine art and endless joy to be had in acquiring fantastic works. Yet, from afar, this world can seem as distant as say, a galaxy far, far away. What perhaps startles most people looking to invest in their first work of ar…
    - 16 Feb 14, 11:31am -

Money and Map

  • Best Place To Find Information
      List of My Favorite and Most Visited Websites Save money here by finding the lowest and cheapest […]Keep Reading A Related Topic:List of Money Saving Stacking Tips and Tricks for Holiday Shopping   Black Friday, Small Busin…
    - 30 Jun 13, 7:26am -
  • Why And How To Benefit From Referral Programs
        Frequently I post refer a friend programs to share ideas for generating extra money. Whether you have a […]Keep Reading A Related Topic:Check Out Ebates Special Promotion For Cash Bonus     Ebates, a popular...Reminder: Discover Card Re…
    - 9 May 13, 9:59am -
  • We Can Eat Free All Month
      My email ‘inbox’ had a nice surprise this morning.  For Mr. MoneyMap’s birthday, Marriott Hotels offered a free elite […]Keep Reading A Related Topic:How To Get Free Kids Meal Coupons   For Friday Freebie, I...Tip For Free Food When…
    - 5 May 13, 7:50am -
  • Flexibility: Why I Like This Feature Of 529 College Savings Plan
      Earlier I posted a method for college students to grab a few extra dollars via Serve’s signup bonus. While […]Keep Reading A Related Topic:Gangnam Style and Health Savings Account   At a certain point...Moving Soon? Remember Your Tax Ben…
    - 2 May 13, 9:02pm -
  • MIB. Find Out What They Know About You Before It’s Too Late
      Applied for life, disability, or health insurance within the last seven years?  MIB has a file on you. MIB […]Keep Reading A Related Topic:Gangnam Style and Health Savings Account   At a certain point...Did Your Check Get Rejected? Find Ou…
    - 1 May 13, 3:21pm -

Debt Free Squad

  • 5 Rookie Investing Mistakes to Avoid
    Smart investing is an acquired skill. It takes years of experience to invest properly. Tune in to learn what Jeff has learned about investing over the last 40 years. These five tips will save you time, money, and stress.The post 5 Rookie Investing Mi…
    - 58 days ago, 19 May 14, 9:13am -
  • Should I Help my College Graduate Financially
    The post Should I Help my College Graduate Financially appeared first on Debt Free Squad.
    - 76 days ago, 30 Apr 14, 8:24pm -
  • Cash vs. Credit
    Having a budget doesn’t restrict you, it actually gives you freedom to spend money! Follow these few simple tips and you will naturally save and spend less.The post Cash vs. Credit appeared first on Debt Free Squad.
    - 85 days ago, 21 Apr 14, 4:28pm -
  • Motivation Quotes by Zig Ziglar
    ) People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily! Get your daily motivation with the Debt Free Squad. For more motivational one minute videos, check out:…
    - 13 Mar 14, 9:45am -
  • Be the Prayer Warrior in Your House
    Are you ready to be the prayer warrior in your house? 1 Chronicles 16:11 says “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” Time to call upon your source for strength by praying routinely. Have trouble sticking to a schedule? Why not…
    - 11 Mar 14, 7:52pm -

Teen Financial Literacy: It Starts at Home

  • Raise Those Expectations!
    Most parents, in the Old School Model (check out the WealthQuest for Teens’ Parent Guide for details), think their teen has done something amazing if they make a donation to a charity or save for a really big purchase or put away some money for the…
    - 6 Feb 14, 7:11am -
  • Parents, Teens, and Money: Budgeting and the Broken Record
    With regards to parents, teens, and money, we are full of automatic responses, most of which don’t really make sense OR make a difference with kids when we really look at them. One example is BUDGETING. Budgeting your money is just like dieting—t…
    - 6 Feb 14, 7:07am -
  • Where to begin: Keep track of your money
    I admit, this one took me a while to get together!  When I started to make my money work, I had NO IDEA how much money I had, where it was, what it was for, or what it was doing!  Man, I wished I had learned to do this when I was young, before the…
    - 4 Feb 14, 7:07am -
  • Is Money in Your Teen’s “Circle of No Control”?
    Sean Covey, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, advises readers to identify those aspects of life that they can control and those that they can’t control.  When teens are learning how money works and how to manage their money effec…
    - 2 Feb 14, 7:08am -
  • How Safe is Your Teen from a Disastrous Financial Future?

    - 31 Jan 14, 7:16am -

Go Banking Rates


  • Cold Getting Too Much? Choosing a Safe and Affordable Space Heater
    Be Safe, Be Warm, Be FrugalAs people suffer through one of the coldest winters on record in recent years, many are seeking additional ways to heat their homes at the lowest cost. Fuel prices continue to soar and electric bills rise as family membe…
    - 23 Feb 14, 2:00pm -
  • Relax, You've Got Time - Two Great Options to Replace Windows XP
    Windows XP users, you’ve known this day was coming eventually. You resisted Vista and Windows 7 and you were right to do so. Windows XP turned out to be a reasonably robust platform with few of the more laughable problems in the Windows history…
    - 22 Feb 14, 2:00pm -
  • Watch Out for this Scam - Small Charges a Big Scam
    Scammers try to fly under your radar by charging small amounts on your credit card.When logging on to your credit card account, have you noticed any peculiar charges that you can't remember making? The Better Business Bureau recently released a na…
    - 21 Feb 14, 2:00pm -
  • Looking for a Cheap Way to Invest? How Does Free Sound?
    New stock-buying options for those with just a little to invest.Regular consumers have been cautious about investing in stocks for years. While there's a lot of money to be made, the potential comes with a great amount of risk. With the steady ris…
    - 17 Feb 14, 2:00pm -
  • Power Budgeting - Use this Essential Business Principle to Save More Money in Less Time
    Get more from your money saving efforts!Sometimes, a nifty rule-of-thumb rule can be a handy reminder to do things that are either difficult to imagine or hard to remember. Ideas like the Pareto Principle are one of those that can help break throu…
    - 16 Feb 14, 2:00pm -

The Credit Letter

  • 11 Questions with Chris Guillebeau
    If you are into travel hacking, then you’ve probably heard of Chris Guillebeau before. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Chris is seriously talented at earning frequent flyer points and knows how to get the most value out of them. If you f…
    - 55 days ago, 21 May 14, 6:30pm -
  • Who Really Owns the Big Four Banks?
    In response to concerns over how our financial institutions operate, we recently launched a piece of research on the issue of bank ownership in Australia. Often consumers who choose to bank with smaller, more independent banks may, in fact, be bankin…
    - 58 days ago, 18 May 14, 6:30pm -
  • Interview with Steve Hui from iFlyflat
    Ever wondered how to fly first class? To find out, I sat down for a coffee to interview frequent flyer points expert, Steve Hui of iFLYflat. In this interview I ask Steve about his unique perspective on travelling in style using frequent flyer points…
    - 17 Oct 13, 2:12am -
  • What Does a Financial Plan Include?
    A financial plan is used to analyse your financial situation, as well as your goals, and from that information, address areas that could be improved. It can help in many situations, especially for those looking to take the next step in their life, su…
    - 11 Aug 13, 5:01pm -
  • Deciding Your Financial Goals
    People often turn to a financial planner to help simplify their finances and set achievable financial goals, providing greater confidence to plan for their future. These include such things as budgeting, cash flow management, savings plan, superannua…
    - 4 Aug 13, 4:48pm -


  • Can You Deduct Summer Day Camp Expenses For Your Kids?
    You may have sent your children to summer day camp already or are planning to in the upcoming month. While these summer camps can be pricey, the good news is that those costs may qualify for tax write-offs for your 2014 tax return. Read More.
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 4:17pm -
  • Should We Use QuickBooks Online or Xero for Bookkeeping?
    While there are many options and factors to consider in making a decision, there are two cloud-based solutions that come up more frequently than others; QuickBooks Online and Xero. Read More.
    - 4 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 3:43pm -
  • Offshore Bank Account Holders May Face Higher Penalties Soon
    We are now one month away from the August 4th IRS deadline given to taxpayers that intentionally hid money at 10 offshore banks that are currently under investigation. Specifically, the agency recently announced changes to its voluntary disclosure…
    - 12 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 9:26am -
  • The 5 Best Credit Cards for Businesses With Less Than $1M in Revenue
    Your business may be on the smaller size, but that doesn't mean you have any fewer responsibilities than big business owners do. In fact, you probably have more on your plate. Chances are you're involved in operations, human resources, development…
    - 18 days ago, 27 Jun 14, 12:24pm -
  • What Qualities Should I Look For In A CEO?
    It's refreshing to learn that you have immediately recognized that you are not the right person to lead the company. I admire that as its one of the key qualities of a leader; being able to recognize your weaknesses and address them with those tha…
    - 32 days ago, 13 Jun 14, 3:57pm -

The Truth About Mortgage

All About Living With Life

  • 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Happy
    We create our own unhappiness. The purpose of suffering is to help us understand we are the ones who cause it. - Willie NelsonUnhappiness is about negativity. Instead of looking at the bright side of things your outlook is groom and doom, you respons…
    - 2 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 9:00am -
  • What is Your Purpose in Life?
    I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.According to an article, Top five regrets of the dying, "This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look…
    - 6 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 9:00am -
  • 10 Daily Habits of Productive People
    Efficiency is doing a thing right; effectiveness is doing the right thing. Productivity is doing the right thing the right way.Productive people are successful in their own field of expertise. They work hard and they also work smart by getting import…
    - 9 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 9:00am -
  • 11 Things Slim People Do Every Day
    Get enough sleepTo stay slim you need to keep up with your beauty sleep. Between 6.5 and 8.5 hours of it in fact, according to researchers at Brigham Young University. The researchers discovered that people who regularly slept for this long every nig…
    - 10 days ago, 5 Jul 14, 5:30pm -
  • The One Skill Almost Nobody Has And Everyone Needs
    “Public Speaking is a skill and, almost nobody has it,” writes columnist Joe Queenan in this recent Wall Street Journal essay. I agree. Public speaking is a skill and, like any other skill, it requires hours and hours of refinement to improve…
    - 11 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 5:30pm -


  • How to Choose the Best Broker
    It is obvious enough that online trading is a lot easier and more convenient — not to mention faster. Through online investing, the online traders would need to hire online brokers to assist them with the trading transactions. As there are a variet…
    - 10 Oct 13, 12:58pm -
  • Choosing Your IRA Provider
    Are you planning to open an IRA account? Opening an IRA account provides you a great opportunity to save loads of cash for your retirement. The special tax considerations that are given to IRA accounts make it one of the best ways to save money for y…
    - 25 Mar 13, 1:52pm -
  • 2013 Retirement Account Contribution Limits
    2013 is the year where you can save up more funds for your brighter and more prosperous future. The IRS already announced the new contribution limits for various retirement accounts such as 401(k), IRA, and Roth IRA. The best news is that there is a…
    - 7 Jan 13, 2:49pm -
  • Highest Money Market Rates
    Money market investing involves lending and borrowing money or assets on a short-term basis. Maturities usually last less than a year or up to 13 months maximum. Because of this nature, money market is considerably stable, safe and very liquid. Its c…
    - 27 Dec 12, 1:50pm -
  • How to Sell Penny Stocks
    Since penny stocks are the cheapest stocks in the market, they are easier to invest with. Most new investors who do not have big amount of money for capital prefer to buy penny stocks to start with their investment. However, penny stocks are riskier…
    - 27 Dec 12, 1:45pm -