• newHow to Pitch Brands When You Have Low Traffic
      A common question from new bloggers is “How big do I have to be before I can start working with brands?” It’s a question that reveals how often emphasis is put on audience size when it comes to marketing spend in the influencer space. There…
    - 14 hours ago 28 Jul 16, 8:00am -
  • newPB136: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Content for Your Blog
    Why Evergreen Content is the Best Investment of Time for a Blogger“If you could only write one type of content on your blogs – what would it be?” I was asked this question while on a Q&A panel back in 2007 while at a conference in Las Vegas.I…
    - 19 hours ago 28 Jul 16, 3:00am -
  • Psychology’s Six Tips for Killer Confidence (and A Story About A Book)
    By ProBlogger Expert Ellen Jackson. Believe you can and you’re half way there Theodore Roosevelt, allegedly. Once upon a time I decided to write and publish a book. I wasn’t a writer. I had no experience. I had no contacts in publishing. I had no…
    - 2 days ago 27 Jul 16, 8:00am -
  • The Science and Art of Batching to Increase Your Productivity
    By ProBlogger Expert Nicole Avery. Batching is not a new idea, Darren wrote about how batch processing made him 10 times more productive back in 2008, but it is still a very powerful technique to improve your productivity. Batching refers to the proc…
    - 3 days ago 26 Jul 16, 8:00am -
  • Why My Blog Motto is “Done and Not Perfect”
    By Lisa Corduff. I remember the deadlines at work. Meticulously making sure what I passed to my boss was of the highest quality. I remember expecting so much from myself and my output because there was judgement coming. A “good job” or “fix thi…
    - 4 days ago 25 Jul 16, 8:00am -


  • 4 Places Writers Leave Money on the Table
    Sales copy, web copy, de-jargonized annual reports, useful blog posts, engaging email newsletters, podcast scripts, ghost-written business books … when it comes to content that writers are paid money for these days, the list is long. But is no one…
    - 2 days ago 27 Jul 16, 7:00am -
  • Explore the Content Editor Cosmos to Produce Out-of-This-World Writing [Infographic]
    “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup. They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe.” – The Beatles, “Across the Universe” So, who’s responsible for taming wild words and presenting them in a straightforwa…
    - 3 days ago 26 Jul 16, 7:00am -
  • 3 Simple Ways to Bust Stereotypes and Craft a Remarkable Message
    On the snowy, northeastern Christmas of my 11th year, our parents gathered all five kids around the kitchen table to deliver the news. We were moving to San Antonio, Texas. I was devastated. Texas? I imagined what our new home would look like. We’d…
    - 4 days ago 25 Jul 16, 7:00am -
  • Rainmaker Rewind: Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product
    This week on Rainmaker Rewind, Sonia Simone explains the value of launching a digital product and the steps you should take to get moving. Listen to Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer to discover how digital products can help boost your income and…
    - 7 days ago 22 Jul 16, 7:00am -
  • Profitable Writers Demonstrate How to Prosper from Your Words
    If you aspire to make a comfortable income from your writing, you’ll find inspiration in the stories of the three people we’re featuring in today’s Certified Stories article. This group comes direct from our Certified Content Marketer page here…
    - 8 days ago 21 Jul 16, 7:00am -

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

  • How to pay off student loans without thinking about it
    Student loans are a big kick in the face that the real world has arrived. The average graduate has $28,950 in student loan debt. (That number is even higher for students who went to private or for-profit colleges.) If you’re … ContinuedHow to pa…
    - 7 days ago 22 Jul 16, 6:00am -
  • The 4 keys to finding ambition
    We’re told we should just be happy with what we have… but there’s a difference between being happy and being satisfied. I’m happy. But I’m still hungry. Ambition is GOOD. If you want to live a Rich Life, you must … ContinuedThe 4 keys to…
    - 16 days ago 13 Jul 16, 6:00am -
  • How to be more productive
    Do you know what most productivity “experts” hope you’ll never find out? The tips they spout and the apps they sell are total BS. The experts themselves don’t even use them! Honesty Bath time: When was the last time you … ContinuedHow to b…
    - 21 days ago 8 Jul 16, 6:00am -
  • Time management for “busy” people
    Would you agree with any of these statements? “I’m busier than most people” “Whenever I try to manage my time, something comes up to ruin the whole system” “I’ve tried time management software and apps, but they never work” We … Con…
    - 28 days ago 1 Jul 16, 6:00am -
  • It’s my birthday. 3 things I learned
    Today is my birthday. Every time one of my friends has a birthday, I ask them to share some birthday wisdom, so today I wanted to take a second to thank you for reading IWT and share a few lessons … ContinuedIt’s my birthday. 3 things I learned…
    - 29 days ago 30 Jun 16, 6:00am -

Smart Passive Income

  • SPI 224: Hack Teaching—A Discussion about Education and Getting Results with Mark Barnes
    My guest today is Hack Learning's Mark Barnes, an educator and author who wants to transform how we teach.The post SPI 224: Hack Teaching—A Discussion about Education and Getting Results with Mark Barnes from The Smart Passive Income Blog.
    - 2 days ago 27 Jul 16, 9:00am -
  • Podcasting and the Stats that Really Matter
    As a podcaster, which statistics should you worry about? I give you the top three metrics I think all podcasters should track.The post Podcasting and the Stats that Really Matter from The Smart Passive Income Blog.
    - 4 days ago 25 Jul 16, 9:00am -
  • Why Podcasting Isn’t as Easy as It Looks – SPI TV Ep. 51
    What I'm sharing with you today is a little embarrassing. I'm revisiting one of my very first attempts at podcasting from back in 2008, as well as all the mistakes—and there are plenty!—I made as a brand-new podcaster.The post Why Podcasting Isn…
    - 6 days ago 22 Jul 16, 2:26pm -
  • SPI 223: Over the Shoulder—How John Lee Dumas Launched a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
    My guest today is none other than John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire, here to talk about his remarkable success selling a product through Kickstarter.The post SPI 223: Over the Shoulder—How John Lee Dumas Launched a Successful Kickstarte…
    - 9 days ago 20 Jul 16, 9:00am -
  • How to Repurpose Audio Content Like a Machine
    Make the most out of your podcasts! In this post, I show you the tools and strategies you need to repurpose your audio content.The post How to Repurpose Audio Content Like a Machine from The Smart Passive Income Blog.
    - 11 days ago 18 Jul 16, 9:22am -

My Wife Quit Her Job

Create Hype

  • Where Can You Find Blog Writers for Hire?
    As your business expands, and as your blog becomes more popular, it can be difficult to keep up with producing content. You know that you need to keep adding content to your business blog in order to keep it fresh and to draw traffic to your site. Bu…
    - 12 Nov 15, 6:00am -
  • Set up Your Email List & Newsletter Before It’s Too Late!
    A lot of new bloggers often underestimate the value of an email list, however it is the most powerful marketing and revenue generating tool at your disposal. The primary concern for new bloggers often is to drive traffic and that is where they focus…
    - 29 Oct 15, 6:00am -
  • Taglines 101: How to Create a Tagline for Your Creative Business
    Back when I worked in an advertising agency, one of the things I did was help create taglines for businesses. And what I noticed more often than not was that taglines made our small business clients absolutely crazy.  This was because many of these…
    - 26 Aug 15, 6:00am -
  • 3 Reasons Why Philanthropy is Good for Business
    As women with our own business, it’s a constant juggling act, am I right?! With family and business, you work really hard to get everything done. Your hard work pays off and you come to a place where you feel great about your business. It feels goo…
    - 19 Aug 15, 6:00am -
  • All You Need Is Love (Customer Love, That Is!)
    The number one question I get asked by people who have their own little business is, “What are some inexpensive but effective ways to spread the word about my products/services?” And that is a hard question to answer simply, because it totally de…
    - 15 Jul 15, 6:00am -

John Chow dot Com

  • newOn Originality, Competition and Profitability
    A notion that has come up in discussion on this blog and elsewhere around the Internet is that if you want your blog to be successful, then you need to treat it like a business. It’s not a hobby that you do for fun. It’s not some side gig to help…
    - 10 hours ago 28 Jul 16, 12:19pm -
  • Best Reward of Living The Dot Com Lifestyle
    I am often asked what’s the greatest reward of living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Is it the time freedom, money freedom, or location freedom? While there are many rewards to living the Dot Com Lifestyle, I think the one I talk about in this episode of D…
    - 1 day ago 27 Jul 16, 9:59pm -
  • How to Find the Best Guest Blogging Opportunities
    Even though many people are unsure about the power of guest blogging as a link building technique, no one can argue with the value it provides. Imagine guest posting on an authority blog that gets 100,000 visitors a month? This can provide enormous b…
    - 1 day ago 27 Jul 16, 11:25am -
  • No, I Do Not Have A Job!
    After my last driving video with Sally, someone asked me if I had a job. The answer is, thank God I don’t! One of the biggest advantages of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is you say good bye to that stinking job. Watch this episode of Driving with Jo…
    - 2 days ago 27 Jul 16, 12:12am -
  • Can I Make Money Online Without a Website?
    Many people mistakenly make a lot of assumptions about the business of making money online. They assume that you need to have a lot of technical knowledge and you should be an expert in web design and coding. They assume that you need to already have…
    - 3 days ago 26 Jul 16, 9:19am -


  • ShoeMoney Show LIVE With Gene Mikhov (Come Join Us!)
    Join us today @ 5:00 pm CST on the LIVE ShoeMoney show with special guest Gene Mikhov! Register HERE Gene and I have been friends for several years. I have had the opportunity to work on a few different projects together such as him sponsoring our on…
    - 3 days ago 26 Jul 16, 8:15am -
  • ShoeMoney Show LIVE With Brent Pourciau (Come Join Us!)
    Join us tomorrow, July 12th @ 5:00 pm CST on the LIVE ShoeMoney show with CEO of Top Velocity Brent Pourciau. Register HERE Brent and I have known each other for 7 years as he started off as a student of mine and since then he has been to Omaha to v…
    - 17 days ago 11 Jul 16, 1:35pm -
  • Beware: The Quarter Life Crisis
    You can officially stop worrying about a mid-life crisis, because before you even get there you’re going to have to navigate the quarter life crisis. It’s hardly a surprise when you consider what we were led to expect; we’ve watched the older g…
    - 23 days ago 6 Jul 16, 7:00am -
  • ShoeMoney Show LIVE With Kevin Weiner (Come Join Us!)
    Todays guest on the LIVE ShoeMoney show current C2 Media Corp Director of Marketing, Kevin Weiner! Register Here! I have worked with Kevin on several projects throughout the years! Kevin Weiner has more than 8 years of experience in Facebook Marketi…
    - 24 days ago 5 Jul 16, 9:48am -
  • ShoeMoney Show LIVE With Shaqir Hussyin (Come Join Us!)
    Tomorrow’s guest on the LIVE ShoeMoney show is the founder of, Investor, Author & Speaker. It is the one and only Shaqir Hussyin! Register HERE Shaqir and I have talked and done a few podcasts together and I have found what he i…
    - 32 days ago 27 Jun 16, 9:19am -

lkr (Laura Roeder)


  • How To Make More Money From Your Blog
    I met up with a friend recently who is a very successful blogger.  However this person is not entirely happy with the money they make from their site.  Rave reviews, big links, great media attention, huge RSS following, tons of social media attenti…
    - 14 Mar 13, 12:02pm -
  • Don’t Blindly Follow Advice From Successful People
    My friend Mike from the Financial Blogger recently wrote a post where he said his blog progress is too slow.  He compared himself to JD Roth, formerly of Get Rich Slowly, but I think Mike is being too hard on himself. JD has a great talent for writi…
    - 13 Sep 12, 3:00am -
  • How Far Would You Go To Get Links?
    Links are the currency of all serious money-making bloggers.  We want them, we crave them, perhaps sometimes we even have dreams about them. This article explains why links are good and how to get them. Google spends a lot of time trying to determin…
    - 9 Jul 12, 3:00am -
  • How To Make More Money From Search Engine Traffic With No Extra Effort
    I’ve written a number of articles about how to increase your blog earnings without any extra effort or time.  The basic philosophy is that if you can write about more profitable topics and cut down the number of posts to account for the fact that…
    - 2 Jan 12, 7:12pm -
  • Make Your Business Sellable – Built to Sell Book Review

    - 15 Dec 11, 3:00am -

Side Income Blogging

  • newGoodbye … for now
    No, you didn’t misread the title. I’ve come to the decision that Side Income Blogging is not where I want to spend my time right now or in the near future.   A few months ago, I had some great plans, eBooks, an online training program, lots of…
    - 5 hours ago 28 Jul 16, 4:36pm -
  • Side Income Report – May 2016
    Hey folks!  Time for another Side Income Report, where I openly share all of my earnings and expenses each month. May 2016 was better than April, but only by a little over $100.00.  This is the result of slightly increased earnings, and some reduct…
    - 57 days ago 2 Jun 16, 5:17am -
  • Side Income Report – April 2016
    My last Side Income Report was done in September of 2014, a long time back.  There are a couple of reasons for this: I don’t ever want anyone to think I’m bragging or rubbing my earnings in their face.  So many people work so hard everyday onli…
    - 85 days ago 4 May 16, 11:42am -
  • Top 12 Tools to Enhance Your Productivity as a Blogger
    There is one goal that’s common for all successful bloggers: publish more high-quality content in a shorter period of time without affecting the lifestyle you have. In fewer words, all bloggers aim towards more productivity. They have jobs, familie…
    - 23 Nov 15, 4:10am -
  • How to build an Amazon niche site the easy way
    What’s the single biggest side income earner for me right now?    Amazon based niche and authority sites.  Amazon earnings are more than double Adsense for me. Amazon has a killer affiliate program.  The payout isn’t outstanding, but Amazon…
    - 15 May 15, 2:31pm -

Advisor Think Box

  • 10 Keys to Social Media for Financial Advisors
    I just heard Amber MacArthur speak for the first time.  She has branded herself as a social media expert and I can see why she has become so successful at it. This particular session was delivered to a group of successful financial professionals.  …
    - 29 Jun 11, 3:54pm -
  • Are you selling something on your website?
    For most financial advisors, we sell services and financial products.  Although we can’t sell mutual funds online, we might be able to sell other products that enhance what we do as our primary activity. For example, one of the ways to drive reven…
    - 29 Oct 10, 9:49am -
  • Email Marketing for the Holidays!
    We are heading into the holiday season and it is always busy for everyone. Trying to get your message to people becomes increasingly harder because of the increased stimulus in the market place.  Here’s three quick tips for marketing during the bu…
    - 29 Oct 10, 9:27am -
  • Is Traditional Media really old news?
    Marketing is one of the absolute keys to success for any business, especially a financial advisor practice.  You can be a great advisor with lots of strong technical skills but if no one knows you exist, what good is that skill and technical strengt…
    - 20 Sep 10, 12:33pm -
  • Tips on getting noticed on the Internet
    So you have a website.  Great!  Most advisors websites are merely corporate brochures that never change.  Others are mere templates and look like hundreds of other websites with a different logo and a different picture.  Your website is your new…
    - 16 Sep 10, 11:08am -

Blueprint For How To Make Money With A Blog